SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
Click here to learn more!

Sensera was established upon a mission to make jobsite and surveillance cameras feasible for projects of all types and sizes.  Our founders observed that traditional construction industry site cameras used outdated technology, were expensive, inflexible, and difficult to deploy and use.  Sensera Systems has been able to decrease the costs of jobsite cameras without sacrificing quality or features provided by revolutionizing four key parts of the camera:

  1. Sensera Systems’ cameras are solar powered and wireless. This reduces installation costs and simplifies deployment. The cameras’ electronics are designed to run on extremely low-power—Sensera’s cameras consume about 1/10th to 1/20th of the power of traditional remote camera systems— which reduces the size (and cost) of the whole system. Powered by solar and integrated, lightweight LiFePO4 batteries, the system is a practical and affordable solution for remote locations and projects with no on-site power supply.

  3. Sensera uses a completely integrated electronics design. By combining LTE/4G/WiFi modems, processing, storage, and camera into a single integrated circuit, the Sensera design dramatically reduces the cost and size of the system”

  5. Sensera’s camera body is a completely custom, high-volume injection-molded enclosure. This carefully designed enclosure lowers assembly and manufacturing costs and ensures simple mounting and weatherization. The end result is hardware that is compact, low-cost, easy to install, and incredibly robust and reliable.

  7. Sensera’s camera systems and SiteCloud software make installation and administration easy. Sensera’s clients simply mount their camera to a pole or wall then enter the camera’s serial number into their SiteCloud account. In as little as twenty minutes, the camera is online and ready to capture images, live streams, and create project time-lapses.

Sensera believes that construction site cameras are an important tool to reduce costs, as well as improve safety, project management, and customer transparency on construction projects of all types – not just stadiums and skyscrapers. By minimizing the cameras’ costs, monitoring and security are now affordable for any commercial construction project.

The results speak for themselves.  Over 1,000 general contractors now use Sensera cameras and that number is growing rapidly. Our GC customers have discovered that they can achieve more than ever with our site cameras — at a fraction of the price of traditional construction cameras.

Sensera Systems has replicated this with site security for non-construction applications. Instead of bulky off-the-shelf security cameras, the SiteWatch-PRO2 is a highly integrated camera that combines state-of-the-art embedded thermal, daylight, and low-light camera systems with edge video analytics into a single low-cost, highly functional remote security solution.  UtilitiesMunicipalities, and Industrial customers across the country are finding that SiteWatch-PRO2 delivers robust, powerful and portable site security at a fraction of the cost of traditional trailer-based solutions.

Sensera achieves the breakthrough price points in construction and security camera systems by developing a transformational camera design without sacrificing quality, performance or features. Sensera has already released a second-generation hardware design, bringing several improvements to the flagship products. Sensera Systems will continue to use the latest technologies and innovate designs to lead the market in construction automation and site security.


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