SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
Click here to learn more!

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Sensera Systems Accessories

Portable Trailer

Remote Jobsite Portable Trailer

Lightweight Trailer & Mast System

The Sensera CT1 provides an all-in-one lightweight mast and trailer system for deploying cameras anywhere on the jobsite or any remote site. The mast system supports the mounting of up to 3 complete Sensera camera systems to provide up to 180-degree coverage. The mast can be raised by one person with a built-in winch system. The mast allows cameras to be placed at up to 25’ height to provide good overall viewing of the site. The trailer connects to a standard trailer hitch allowing easy movement around the jobsite or project-to-project.

20′ Portable Camera Pole

Remote Jobsite Camera Pole

Flexible, Sturdy Monitoring & Security Camera Mounting Solution

Our 20’ aluminum camera pole is the perfect mounting solution for all Sensera cameras, including the MC26, MC78, MC88, and SiteWatch Pro2. Easily locate and relocate your cameras at the best location for flexible, semi-permanent monitoring, security, and surveillance applications. The pole can be reused on other projects – just lower and remove the pole, and purchase a new sleeve for ground installation.

Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

Non-Penetrating Roof Mount

For Roof and Outdoor Applications

Tripod Mounting Kit

Indoor Tripod Mounting Kit

For Indoor Applications

SiteCloud Camera Carrying Case

Remote Jobsite Camera Case

Protective Travel & Storage Case

Transport your Sensera camera system with the SiteCloud Transport and Storage Case, an easy to transport waterproof and airtight hard case. Strong and reliable, the case is complete with a foam custom die-cut insert to fit the system exactly. Protect against impacts, drops, dings, and dust. Great for storing and protecting your Sensera Camera, Solar Panel, Mounts and optional Illuminator

XL Camera Models

Extended 10 Day Power Supply

Solar power is standard on all of our construction cameras and our systems are built to withstand the toughest conditions — from the wilds of Alaska to downtown Manhattan. If you have a project in a location with limited sunlight, adverse weather, or shading from canyons or nearby buildings in urban settings, our new XL line of solar-powered cameras with extended 10 day battery backup are just the ticket for ultra remote and extreme jobsite monitoring and time-lapse.

Introducing our XL extended power feature for challenging environments, with 2X the solar power and double the battery capacity! Available on the MC78, MC88 and SiteWatch-PRO 2 models.

AC Powered Module

AC Outlet for Remote Jobsite Camera

AC Powered Module with 5 Days Battery Backup

Designed for sites with no solar-gain, indoor use, and sites with intermittent power.


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