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Part of the Construction Industry IT Revolution

BIM, Project Management, and the Real-Time Construction Site

Information technology is rapidly changing how construction is done, making projects safer, lowering costs, and reducing schedule risk. Sensera Systems is squarely in the middle of this revolution, leading the efforts in real-time sensing and image documentation to support an overall goals of an integrated building and project management system. We work with leading software and applications companies to bring real-time sensing and imaging to BIM and project management systems. We continue to grow the capabilities of Sensera SiteCloud into the hub of real-time site information.

Let us know your goals and start a discussion about how we can work together to more seamlessly integrate your workflow into the construction management system of the future! Get in touch now.

Sensera SiteCloud is designed on industry-standard server infrastructure. For larger scale or sensitive applications, Sensera Systems can offer customer-hosted applications. This allows customers to leverage existing IT resources, and provides an additional level of privacy of data.

3rd Party Software Integrations

Sensera Systems has specific software integrations with the Sensera SiteCloud that can help streamline your workflow and add value to your Sensera camera systems and other construction software applications.

PlanGrid – Automatically integrate images from your Sensera camera into your PlanGrid documents. Learn more about the integration here.

Procore – Manage and view your Sensera Cameras from your Procore dashboard. Learn more about the integration here.

NoteVault – Automatically integrate images from your Sensera camera into your daily Notevault field reports. Learn more about the integration here.

Spectrum (Dexter+Chaney) – Manage and view your Sensera Cameras from your Spectrum dashboard. Learn more about the integration here.

Autodesk BIM 360 – Save time and improve accuracy of job site documentation by fully automating the collection and archival of as-built progress images and enabling direct comparison with design plans. Learn more about the integration here.

BuilderBox – Builderbox is a Cloud Based Construction Project Management and Production Control platform. Created by builders for builders, Builderbox offers powerful mobile applications and web based tools for connecting office to field.

WeatherBuild – Get real-time pinpoint weather information integrated with your Sensera cameras and your project milestones.

Video Management Software (VMS)

Sensera SiteCloud offers interfaces to popular VMS and alarm monitoring applications so that your Sensera cameras can be a seamless part of your overall security installation and monitoring service. Learn more here.

Sensera SiteCloud API and custom integrations

The Sensera SiteCloud offers a complete modern web services API to allow a variety of integrations with other software and custom applications. Let us know what you have in mind and we can make it happen! Get in touch.

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