SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
Click here to learn more!
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PCL Construction's Jobsite
Camera Solutions Provider

Sensera Systems is PCL's chosen provider for Progress Monitoring, Collaboration, and Security

PCL Construction

Our Solar + AC solutions provide maximum flexibility for ideal system placement and installation whether your site has power available or not. Our systems are completely DIY, require no power or Ethernet, and can be set up by one person in 20-minutes. This also makes it simple to relocate your cameras for alternative progress views or to a new jobsite upon project completion. AC + Solar models provide the unique ability to easily switch between power options depending on your needs.

Unique to Sensera Systems
  • 4G/LTE and WiFi Connectivity
  • Patented Low-power Technology with both Solar and AC Standard 
  • DVR Storage up to 512GB Provides up to 137 days Continuous Recording
  • Secure SiteCloud Storage of Project Data, Download Anytime, 10-years Media Storage Retention
  • Unique Compact Solar Design
  • No Complex Configuration or Setup
  • Free SiteCloud Mobile App
Site security Camera

Security Cameras

SiteWatch PRO Intelligent Remote Site Monitoring

Proven, turnkey, day/night, all-weather, intelligent, remote solar security cameras for any project large or small. These smart cameras combine thermal, low-light and color cameras with IR illumination, video analytics and 4G LTE communications in one integrated system. Perfect for 24/7 monitoring capable of real-time alert notifications (pushed to your email or mobile device).  

  • 3-in-1 system includes 13MP color/day camera, 1.3mp low-light black & white camera, and thermal detection camera 
  • 1080p video streaming/recording
  • 512GB DVR storage (up to 137 days of continuous recording)
  • LTE or WiFi Capable (10GB Service Plan recommended)

Standard 1080p Time-Lapse Camera

MC26 Time-lapse Camera with Limited Live Streaming

Designed for quick and easy deployment on short-cycle and smaller footprint projects requiring simple time-lapse.

  • 6 Megapixel (3264 x 1836) still images
  • 1080p Time-lapse Video/Recording 
  • 32GB DVR Storage (up to 8 days continuous recording) 
  • LTE or WiFi Capable (3GB Service Plan recommended)

Advanced 4K Time-Lapse Camera

MC88 Advanced Camera with Unlimited Live Streaming

This advanced UHD camera is designed for high-resolution monitoring, collaboration, and project marketing and is perfect for large-scale jobsites.

  • 13 Megapixel (4224 x 3136) still images
  • 4K Time-lapse Video, 1080p Streaming/Recording ƒ
  • 512GB DVR Storage (up to 137 days continuous video recording)
  • LTE or WiFi Capable (10GB Service Plan recommended)


PCL Camera Models

Please contact your local Construction Technology Analyst to learn more about Sensera Systems cameras and to get a pricing quote for your project.


Latium Technologies has integrated Sensera’s SiteCloud service and leading camera technology into its Job Site Insights® (JSI®) Smart Construction platform. The integration of Sensera Systems’ SiteCloud into JSI® streamlines workflow for project teams, providing a single pane of glass for a wide range of real-time jobsite information that now includes visual construction and/or heavy industrial site monitoring.

Single Pane of Glass

Live Well, San Diego, CA

The project is approx. 4 acres and consists of a two-story office building and a four-story parking garage. The project has 2 time-lapse cameras, each facing one of the buildings, and 2 security cameras, one facing the building and another facing our jobsite trailer and entrance.



For this project, the initial reason for procuring cameras was to create a timelapse video of the construction process. However, once it was installed, PCL found that they were also useful for getting footage of safety and material damage incidents.


E.L. Smith, Edmonton

The E.L. Smith Solar Farm is located in a remote area of Edmonton where there is no power or Wi-Fi available. Sensera’s MC26 solar-powered time-lapse cameras were the perfect choice for the job as they are equipped with DVR recording and LTE cellular connectivity.

George Brown College, Toronto

The George Brown College mass timber project, Limberlost Place, is a 10-story structure, that meets the Toronto Green Standard requirements. Partnering with Sensera Systems made perfect sense for this green project with their compact solar-powered camera system.

PCL Optional Accessories

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