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Company expands comprehensive line of site cameras to include PTZ model


GOLDEN, CO–January 19, 2022 – Sensera Systems, Inc., the market leader in all-in-one compact-solar site cameras, today announced the release of its new PTZ600 Solar and AC-Powered camera models. Sensera PTZ600 solar powered smart panoramic jobsite cameras offer Sensera’s essential and advanced features while enabling customers additional flexibility to round out their jobsite solution.

Sensera’s PTZ600 camera is designed for advanced user remote site monitoring including progress documentation, safety applications, and productivity and logistics management on jobsites. Ideal for large-scale sites requiring a wide coverage area and fine detail, this powerful camera provides three important new capabilities:

  • Multi-location Time-lapse – capture as-built at unprecedented detail of the locations that matter as the project progresses
  • Automated Panoramas – allows up to 360-degree coverage for large sites, and panorama resolutions to 100MP
  • Live Video Streaming with Real-time PTZ – pan/tilt/zoom (10x optical zoom) to monitor activity and progress in real-time at very fine detail.PTZ Multi-Location Time-lapse
Figure 1: PTZ Multi-Location Time-Lapse


Features & Benefits

  • Multi-location automated time-lapse videos
  • Automatic capture of ultra-high-resolution, wide-angle panoramas (up to 100MP)
  • Real-time pan-tilt-zoom to view fine detail on the largest jobsites
  • Built-in LTE or WiFi connectivity with world-wide coverage
  • Compact solar, lightweight, easy to ship, install, and move/reposition
PTZ Live Streaming Control
Figure 2: Live Video Streaming with Real-Time PTZ


Smart Technology Elevates Ease of Use

Sensera’s PTZ600 solar powered smart panoramic jobsite cameras are the first of their kind to offer universal 4G/LTE connectivity using eSIM technology. As part of Sensera’s SiteCloud service, wireless carriers for specific devices are updated automatically over the air ensuring optimal camera connectivity for any given location and assures seamless, uninterrupted wireless coverage when moving systems from one site to another. Sensera’s PTZ600 cameras support 100’s of wireless carriers worldwide, providing multi-national customers significant logistical advantages.

“We are excited to bring the PTZ600 to the project teams we serve. It will help them capture more of the project in greater detail than ever and at a price-point that is affordable for all project types. The PTZ600 builds on our field experience and our new hardware platform to move ahead our objectives of making jobsites safer, and more productive,” said David Gaw, Founder and CEO, Sensera Systems. “For our Municipal and Government customers, the PTZ600 provides a more flexible solution for surveillance to help deter and stop illegal dumping, vandalism, and other crimes.”

The new PTZ600 camera is available in Solar+AC and AC only models with Solar+AC MSRP at $9,999. Project pricing, enterprise level pricing and multi-camera discounts available.

Sensera site cameras are powered by Sensera’s SiteCloud platform which provides easy-to-use software for viewing, monitoring, and sharing real-time site data, detecting actionable insights, and simplifying workflow. SiteCloud is tightly integrated with Sensera’s complete line of fixed position and security cameras, mobile apps, and SiteCloud-AERIAL drone photography services to support improved productivity, quality, safety, and automated documentation from one simple web interface. With the PTZ600, SiteCloud now offers multi-location time-lapse with fully automated and custom movie generation, and automated panorama capture and processing. SiteCloud service includes WiFi and 4G LTE connectivity making it a true end-to-end solution. Integrations with Procore®, Autodesk Construction Cloud, and PlanGrid simplify and automate workflow across the enterprise. SiteCloud also offers APIs for customers to integrate value-added applications and workflows.


About Sensera Systems

Sensera Systems is the market leader in affordable, easy to deploy solar cameras. Our professional solutions are purpose built for the rigors of construction job sites, both large and small. With thousands of projects deployed across North America, our solar/wireless solutions help project stakeholders stay informed and remotely manage their LEM, logistics, risk, and safety from any location, in real-time. Securely managed from a single platform, our solutions provide the most reliable and cost-effective visual documentation in the industry’s, all in a hassle-free package that is easy to setup and use within minutes. For more information about Sensera Systems, please visit our website



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