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Sensera Systems Introduces SiteCloud Analytics — End-to-End AI/Computer Vision Solutions for Construction Jobsites 
Video/Image Analytics Ecosystem delivers turn-key solutions at scale


GOLDEN, CO–October 11, 2022 – Sensera Systems, Inc., the market leader in all-in-one compact-solar site cameras, today announced the introduction of its SiteCloud Analytics platform and LaborTrend™ application along with 4 new SiteCloud Analytics partners. These advancements provide a true end-to-end solution with a single point of service and support. 

The construction industry recognizes the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Computer Vision (CV) to improve jobsite outcomes in productivity, safety & risk, site security, logistics, and quality using real-time automatic analysis of imagery collected on-site. However, adoption of such applications has not met expectations. There are several reasons for this slow technology adoption:

  • Users must select and source multiple hardware and software components which must be integrated and configured for each specific use-case
  • System engineering must be done by the User and/or vendors to ensure required performance
  • Due to the piecemeal system, there is often no single point of responsibility for system fidelity
  • Many analytics offerings are single point solutions that solve for only one or a few use-cases
  • Costs stack up, due to the multiple elements that must be combined and integrated, directly impacting ROI.

SiteCloud Analytics is a unique hardware/software platform and ecosystem that allows deployment of analytics applications at scale. The platform consists of Sensera Systems’ cameras and SiteCloud software, robust real-time APIs that exchange two-way jobsite imagery in real-time, a flexible set of go-to-market models, and a growing set of off-the-shelf AI/Analytics applications for jobsites.

SiteCloud Analytics was developed to address barriers to adoption by providing:

  • A pre-integrated, end-to-end solution that has known performance, reliability, and costs
  • A large and growing set of use cases supported across multiple partners
  • A single point of responsibility and simple cost structures
  • A system that is scalable to projects of all sizes and types
  • Owners and general contractors the ability to improve productivity, safety & risk using AI/CV applications across the enterprise.

“Part of my responsibility, and my team of Construction Technology Analysts across PCL, is to help project teams find and implement technologies that improve project outcomes. Technology solutions that are simple, complete, and affordable are essential to project teams being able to implement on the site and drive value for our clients. Sensera Systems’ approach with SiteCloud Analytics is a great step toward bringing new analytics and AI applications to job sites in a way that can be cost-effective and practical for PCL project teams., said Steven Forester, Sr. Manager, Customer Advocacy, PCL Construction.

One of the initial SiteCloud Analytics offerings, LaborTrend, is a completely automated SiteCloud Analytics application for estimating labor levels on jobsites. LaborTrend automatically analyzes jobsite imagery and calculates estimates of total site labor headcount. LaborTrend includes historical reporting and real-time alerting. 


“SiteCloud Analytics helps project teams by providing a pre-integrated end-to-end solution of hardware and software that provides known performance with a single point of responsibility and lowest total-system costs.  We are excited to take this next big step in delivering on Sensera Systems’ vision of real-time jobsite intelligence,” said David Gaw, Founder, and Chief Strategy Officer, Sensera Systems. 

SiteCloud Analytics currently has six partner company applications integrated into its growing ecosystem. Additional applications and use cases are being piloted now and will be offered for general availability in the coming months. Use cases currently supported or in development span productivity, safety & risk, logistics & materials, and site security. Customized applications and use cases are also available.

Our newest SiteCloud Analytics Ecosystem Partners serving the Construction Market include CONXAI, PCL Construction, Reconstruct, and Amazon Rekognition.

SiteCloud Analytics Partner Ecosystem

Sensera Systems’ new SiteCloud Analytics Partner Program offers a complete suite of APIs for this exciting new ecosystem. The APIs provide a simple and powerful way for analytics and AI technology providers to reach new markets and customers while at the same time enabling the emergence of new use cases quickly and cost-effectively. The Partner Program supports multiple business models and go-to-market approaches.

Companies interested in becoming a SiteCloud Analytics Ecosystem Partner can learn more at

About Sensera Systems
Sensera Systems is the market leader in affordable, easy-to-deploy solar cameras. Our professional solutions are purpose-built for the rigors of construction job sites, both large and small. With thousands of projects deployed across North America, our solar/wireless solutions help project stakeholders stay informed and remotely manage their LEM, logistics, risk, and safety from any location, in real time. Securely managed from a single platform, our solutions provide the most reliable and cost-effective visual documentation in the industry, all in a hassle-free package that is easy to set up and use within minutes. For more information about Sensera Systems, please visit our website

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