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SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
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Construction Technology

Leverage Construction Technology to Succeed Alongside Today’s Industry Leaders

Big names like PCL Construction are already leveraging SiteCloud Analytics, Sensera Systems’ suite of integrated AI applications

The construction tech revolution is upon us. With countless developments breaking new ground every day, it’s certainly an exciting time to be in construction.

Today’s most successful and influential contractors are already embracing tech in a big way, setting the stage for the rest of the industry.

Construction Tech Adoption

As the construction industry realizes the full potential of technology in the coming years, tech adoption rates will continue to grow.

Contractors who are making technology part of their business culture today are setting the bar for their competition tomorrow. That means whether companies adopt construction technology now or in the future, they’ll need to make the leap eventually if they plan to stay competitive in their industry.

Adopting tech, like AI, early is a great way for contractors and project managers to stay ahead of the curve and position themselves as assets to their company and the construction industry as a whole.

In 2019, 78% of contractors polled said they believed construction technology was increasing productivity, and 79% said it enhanced safety. Based on those numbers, it’s no surprise that contractors have continued using site cameras and drones to document their projects and enhance safety. In 2022, 64% of Associated Builders and Contractors Tech Report respondents used progress monitoring solutions, like site cameras. In 2021, 51% of Excellence in Construction award winners used drones on their projects. 

Drone Photography

Drone photography has become popular in construction, but it can have a lot of overhead, like finding a drone service, planning and scheduling a fly over, and then processing an SD card full of mediocre photos after it’s all said and done. For Sensera Systems customers, new or experienced, those problems are solved.

We offer professional high resolution drone photography services without the hassle. With SiteCloud-AERIAL, drone photos and videos are uploaded directly into SiteCloud alongside other project images, where they’re safely stored and dated, ready to share and compare. Customers with Sensera Systems site cameras have their own online space for all project images, whether their origin is drone, site camera, or self taken with SitePOV.

Contact Sensera’s sales team to learn more about our drone photography packages.

SiteCloud Analytics

More recent advanced technology, like AI, is now making its way into existing construction tech, like site cameras. AI can now make important calculations and decisions about materials, manpower, and safety, all with minimal human intervention. Well known companies like PCL Construction are already leveraging this technology with Sensera Systems’ SiteCloud Analytics, which automatically analyzes photos and videos to deliver important insights about the jobsite. The growing suite of SiteCloud Analytics applications includes AI solutions for safety compliance, labor headcount, vehicle flagging compliance, and vehicle identification.

Sensera Systems customers may be eligible to deploy SiteCloud Analytics on their existing projects, using their existing Sensera jobsite cameras.

Reach out to the Sensera Systems’ sales team for more information about SiteCloud Analytics.

About Alicia Eichman

Alicia Eichman is a Freelance Writer and the owner of Silver Quill Writing, where she specializes in writing content for companies in the tech, health, and wellness industries. Before transitioning to a writing career, Alicia studied Psychology at Pennsylvania State University and worked in the construction tech industry for 5 years.


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