SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
Click here to learn more!

SiteCloud AERIAL Drone Photography 1

Level Up Your Company’s Marketing Game with Drone Photography

How top contractors are using site cameras and drone photography to bring in new clients.

When it comes to construction site photography, many of the biggest contractors in the world have it figured out. They’re keeping up with their day-to-day site monitoring tasks using construction site cameras, and relying on drone photography to create professional aerial videos for their marketing campaigns. By using both technologies, they’re getting the highest quality marketing videos along with the best progress monitoring and security capabilities on the market today.

Those stunning drone videos featured on the landing pages of big contractor websites can give the impression that high-quality drone videos are out of reach for small contractors. Luckily, that’s a myth, as a single drone flight can produce equally stunning videos for a price that fits most company budgets. That means keeping up with the biggest names in construction is possible for any size GC.

If you’re still not sure whether you need both site cameras and drones for your project, consider your company’s goals as you compare the features and use cases of these two technologies.

Sensera’s Fixed Position Site Cameras

Construction site cameras are the best option for remote monitoring and site security, as they give contractors the freedom to keep up with their construction sites from anywhere while documenting the site 24/7. These cameras should be the primary method of photo documentation for construction projects since they provide continuous, up-close coverage of site activity.

Sensera Systems site cameras offer:

  • Continuous remote progress monitoring
  • Complete wireless and solar camera system with no-hassle DIY installation
  • Insurance discount eligibility for deploying site cameras
  • Site security capabilities (depending on the camera model)
  • Features including time-lapse photography, LiveStream, and DVR

Please reach out to Sensera Sales for more information.

SiteCloud AERIAL Drone Photography 2

Drone Photography Through Sensera

Because drone photography is such a great complement to site cameras, Sensera Systems offers no-fuss drone photography packages at an affordable price.

Drones can produce breathtaking marketing imagery because they capture the whole construction site from a unique perspective. While drones are perfect for this type of imagery, they’re not as well-suited for progress monitoring and security purposes. Their short flight times and bird’s-eye view make it difficult to get a clear understanding of what’s really happening on site. That’s why so many contractors are now using both site cameras and drone photography to ensure they’re capturing the site from every angle.

With Sensera’s drone photography packages, you can expect:

  • 1080p videos and high-resolution images for company websites, social media, customer proposals, and more
  • Simple flight scheduling without the overhead of owning equipment or certifications
  • Automatic imagery uploads to SiteCloud AERIAL for instant review and sharing

Sensera Systems’ SiteCloud AERIAL platform is an extension of the SiteCloud interface Sensera customers are used to, making drone imagery just a click away. The videos and images will be neatly stored in the same place as the rest of your project imagery, with easy access for viewing and sharing.

Reach out today to start documenting your projects like a pro!

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