IoT in Construction Meets Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Job Site

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a hot topic lately in the construction industry and beyond. The term refers to any internet-connected device that isn’t a “traditional” computer – think cameras, temperature sensors, or real-time tracking devices. 

IoT is everywhere, from the home to the construction site, and it’s revolutionizing the way people and businesses interact with technology.

RFID trackers, remote weather stations, and Sensera Systems job site cameras are all examples of popular IoT devices being used in the construction industry today. 

Before IoT in construction, collecting job site data was a significant challenge. Now, collecting large amounts of data is virtually effortless. As this technology becomes more widely used, new challenges arise, paving the way for exciting new opportunities in automation.

The Power of IoT in Construction

The benefits IoT in construction have become more apparent as the technology has evolved and more companies have adopted it. 

Until recently, inherent infrastructure challenges, like power and internet availability, limited the adoption of IoT in construction. With the emergence of inexpensive and compact cellular data technology (4G LTE), IoT devices can now capture and send information remotely with just a SIM card and a wireless data plan. Efficient batteries and solar charging advances further enhanced the IoT value proposition.

Because IoT devices are more compact and cost-effective than ever before, they’re also more scalable than they’ve ever been. Large construction projects can deploy an entire fleet of job site cameras that cover every inch of a construction site affordably and with very little overhead. 

Sensera Systems job site cameras are an excellent example of IoT that offers easy, remote job site intelligence with the use of both 4G LTE and solar power. 

SiteCloud Analytics: Where IoT and AI Meet

IoT devices make it possible to collect huge amounts of raw data from a construction site remotely. This data has the potential to provide a variety of useful insights. However, bridging the scalability gap between gigabytes of raw data and actionable intelligence creates a new challenge. The data is there, but in most cases it’s just not practical to sift through a day’s worth of construction site images to find that actionable intelligence.

Sensera Systems’ new SiteCloud Analytics is the first step towards bridging the gap by realizing the full potential of IoT technology through automated data analysis.

SiteCloud Analytics uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to analyze the raw data from images, video, and other sensors in real time to provide a concise report of the actionable intelligence found within. IoT and AI together simplify productivity and safety by providing true mastery over construction site data, without the time and effort involved in manual image analysis. 

The strength of IoT is in its ability to collect data remotely and on a large scale, but what happens with that data after it’s collected can mean the difference between a project’s success and failure. 

SiteCloud Analytics harnesses the true potential of IoT, making essential job site intelligence available at a glance.

About Alicia Eichman

Alicia Eichman is a Freelance Writer and the owner of Silver Quill Writing, where she specializes in writing content for companies in the tech, health, and wellness industries. Before transitioning to a writing career, Alicia studied Psychology at Pennsylvania State University and worked in the construction tech industry for 5 years.


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