Every Angle Covered.

Portable, plug ‘n play site security and monitoring

Providing outdoor security camera and surveillance solutions for large and/or remote areas is not easy. Providing power and communications can mean trenching, permits, adding significantly to costs and schedule. Cameras have a limited coverage and so must be placed close to the areas of interest. IP based cameras are a requirement to provide scalability and compatability. All Sensera cameras can be easily moved to provide better or temporary coverage of a different area.

Perimeter Security

Sensera Systems cameras and SiteCloud provide ideal solutions for large area and remote perimeter security and surveillance. Built-in processing provides detection analytics in the camera to improve response time, reduce network traffic, and improve reliability. We help you keep an eye on every situation.
Site Monitoring & Security
  • Equipment yardsParking lots
  • Storage areas
  • Gates
  • Entrance
  • Remote facilities
  • Rail yards
  • Cell towers
  • Solar farms
  • Pipelines

Flexibility and Simplicity

We offer various cameras to fit your specific needs is a solar surveillance camera, jobsite security camera, and construction site security camera that is 100% solar and 100% wireless, providing a system that can be deployed in minutes, rather than days or weeks. It offers live H.264 video streaming to the cloud, and built-in DVR for continous recording. The small size of the system means they can be mounted on existing light poles or fence lines to provide coverage in hard to reach areas.
  • Reduce site travel costs
  • Keep stakeholders informed
  • Manage subcontractors & milestones
  • Monitor construction progress
  • Remote access from anywhere
  • Showcase your project with time-lapse


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