Agriculture & Ranching Remote Applications

Affordable, Easy-to-Install, Portable, Wireless, Solar-Powered Cameras

Agriculture Ranching CamerasAgriculture sites and ranches are remote and typically without convenient power and internet. We’ve got you covered. All Sensera cameras are 100% solar-powered and require no extra power supply. Each wire-free camera includes integrated patented cellular and WiFi connectivity. Sensera’s SiteCloud Service provides a 100% web-based user interface, which means you can access your cameras from any PC or mobile device via a web browser – with no software to purchase or install. Best of all, our cameras are 100% DIY and can be installed online in minutes.

Reduce costs, improve quality & safety

Sensera Systems provides time-lapse and site security cameras that deliver quality, ruggedness, and extreme ease of use — without the hefty price tag found with other systems. Check-in on remote locations with no need for a physical visit. Monitor crops, livestock, fieldwork, deliveries, and weather.
  • Secure Storage of Project Data, Download Anytime
  • Monitor irrigation and water flow
  • Keep an eye on remote lots & fields
  • Monitor livestock and crops
  • Remote access from anywhere
  • Review footage to identify, prevent & manage


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