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Election Ballot Drop Box

Elections Integrity in the Spotlight

Elections integrity has been in the spotlight over the last two decades. Today’s technology can help ensure transparency and security.

Today’s modern towns, counties, and cities have a diverse and growing range of responsibilities they need to accomplish in the service of their communities. One highly scrutinized function of local government administration is elections integrity. Election Departments need to complete elections on time, on budget, and with transparency and integrity.

One tool that Election Departments are finding useful is real-time video monitoring of polling locations and ballot drop boxes. This provides the Election Departments’ operations teams visual documentation to ensure access is smooth, ballot boxes are not tampered with, and compliance teams can ensure strict adherence to ballot handling processes.

Election Ballot Drop BoxSan Benito County, for example, has been one of the leaders in leveraging technology to support elections integrity, using a number of solar-powered/wireless camera systems to monitor outdoor ballot boxes during the 2020 election cycle. San Benito County used cameras from Sensera Systems that are portable and simple to deploy quickly and easily by the election teams. The cloud-based systems meant that the election teams could have the cameras securely online without installing additional network infrastructure, power, or software, reducing the setup time and cost.

Our civil infrastructure cameras are purpose-built for the rigors of temporary and permanent outdoor and remote sites. Whether you are working to improve park safety, provide transparency for a public project, protect and manage remote assets, stop illegal dumping or trespassing and vandalism, improve road systems or create a smart city, Sensera Systems offers you unique and complete solutions.

Our proven systems have been deployed by hundreds of municipal and industrial customers across North America including parks, public works, water, and electric utilities, police & fire departments. Sensera Systems’ end-to-end solutions can be deployed as needed, incrementally, and without large up-front network or infrastructure costs.


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