SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
Click here to learn more!

concrete failure, dispute resolution, construction camera

Dispute Resolution Simplified with Multi-Application Camera Solution

Sensera Systems solutions are designed for multi-application use. Meaning that the same solution that can help you with project documentation, increased team productivity and collaboration, mitigation of risk and rework, capture of safety incidents, and improved site security, can also help with more efficient dispute resolution.

While dispute resolution is typically addressed at the contract level, and of course through quality and safety best practices, when issues do arise, site technology can help avoid costly litigation. Having reliable as-built documentation can help prove that a step or process was, or was not, completed properly.

In the last several years for example, our systems have been able to help contractors with dispute resolution related to failed concrete. In two such cases, the GC’s were able to produce video documentation from before, during, and after the concrete pour, along with the accompanying weather data. What was quickly discovered was that in both cases, the subs went ahead with the scheduled concrete pours despite the sub-optimal weather conditions in the lower to mid-30˚’s. The result of course was that the strengthening process was slowed which led to weakened concrete.

As you can imagine, having solid, visual documentation that includes weather data can help with quick, cost effective dispute resolution. Whether your main use case is progress monitoring, site security or portfolio marketing, choosing the right jobsite technology can benefit you in many ways. Click Here to learn more about Sensera’s multi-application solutions.

Our professional solutions are purpose built for the rigors of active jobsites, both large and small. Deployed on thousands of projects across North America, our solar/wireless solutions help project stakeholders stay informed and remotely manage their LEM, logistics, risk and safety from any location, in real-time. Securely managed from a single platform, our solutions provide the most reliable and cost-effective real-time visual monitoring and documentation in the industry, all in a hassle-free package that is easy to setup and use within minutes.


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