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Comprehensive Jobsite Monitoring & Security Simplified

Less than 5 years ago, Sensera provided a technological breakthrough to enable General Contractors with the jobsite of the future. Sensera’s solar and wireless camera systems provided flexible and affordable monitoring for jobsites with a camera system that can be installed by one person in twenty minutes. Sensera proved construction cameras could do more than time-lapse and could impact a wide range of needs for jobsite monitoring. Currently, over 1,000 general contractors use Sensera solutions across projects of all types and sizes.

Sensera’s platform comprising a complete set of jobsite hardware devices, cloud software, and communications services to provide multiple end-to-end real-time jobsite monitoring applications.

Sensera’s platform provides easy-to-use software for viewing, monitoring, and sharing your real-time jobsite images, video, and data. SiteCloud is tightly integrated with Sensera’s jobsite cameras, SitePOV mobile app, and SiteCloud-AERIAL drone photography service to provide comprehensive, automated site progress monitoring from a simple web interface. SiteCloud service includes WiFi and 4G/LTE connectivity making it a true end-to-end solution.

Multiple Construction Use-Cases Delivered on Single Platform

Project Execution

Allowing team members to visually monitor progress in real-time on any device from anywhere – No more chasing down the PM for updates!
Owners are able to gain information, track the progress without bothering project teams
More effective project meetings with 360 project imagery from ground cameras, drones, and SitePOV mobile app for indoor and close-up images
Review images, annotate and then visually share project build issues with your project’s team for immediate resolution
Simplify your workflows. integrations with Autodesk BIM 360, Procore, Plangrid and NoteVault

SiteCloud-AERIAL is a turn-key drone photography service for construction progress documentation that compliments on the ground jobsite cameras.

Risk Management

Do quality assurance checks to make sure project build procedures are in compliance
Capture full video of safety incidents for review and process correction
Automatically monitor restricted areas and receive real-time alerts to safety compliance issues
As-built documentation automatically captured to support dispute resolution
Monitor and receive alerts to on-site trespassing, help to deter theft and mitigate liability risk
Automatic capture of detailed as-built weather conditions to support dispute resolution

SW-Pro 2-Low-Light-50ft

Receive Security Alerts to trespassers on your site & document their presence, even at night!

Win More Projects

4k HD Time-lapse and Drone imagery to showcase your project from start to finish
Manage costs and quality by effective use of technology
Adhere to best practices in process and execution
As-built documentation automatically captured to support dispute resolution
Market prior projects with videos and detailed imagery

Showcases your work with a 4K Time-Lapses

Complete Project Monitoring & Security

100% Solar/wireless – no make-ready needed; portable to different sites/locations
Simple DIY installable hardware – saves time and cost
Multi-function hardware, software, and services – delivers multiple solutions with a single suite of field devices and software
The most cost-effective solar/wireless cameras and field devices available
Seamless integrations with leading construction management software to simplify workflows, including Autodesk BIM 360, Procore, PlanGrid, NoteVault
Extensible – can easily add hardware and solutions as project needs change

Explore our live construction camera gallery. Click on a photo below and enter the actual construction camera interface for that specific jobsite. Experience everything from a time-lapse construction video to our multiple screen configurations and even the weather.

ACHA / Gorman project Alto
Westminster, CO

Gilbert Crossing
Braintree, MA

FT Apache “Apollo”
Las Vegas, NV

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