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Jobsite Cameras Are Not All Created Equal

Sensera Systems cameras are uniquely designed for ease of use, simple installation and no hassle mobility. With our compact solar design, you can deploy and relocate your system in minutes!

Jobsite cameras, solar panel arrays and mounting equipment come in all shapes and sizes; some easier to work with than others. As an example, some cameras require an electrician to run power, an IT technician to run ethernet, two or more workers to heft the bulky equipment and get it installed. These types of system deployments can cost thousands of additional dollars and delay a project’s visual documentation by weeks.

Our cameras are purpose built for the challenges and demands of the construction site. Our patented technology, makes our compact system design possible. 

Jobsite Camera Installation

The result is a completely DIY solution, allowing a single person to easily deploy a camera with a wrench and screwdriver in less than 20 minutes. No electrical, IT, or multi-worker setup required.

Not only are our systems quick and easy to install at the beginning of a project, they are also simple to relocate for alternative progress views or move to a new jobsite upon project completion. Convenient accessories like our telescoping pole even eliminate the need for a ladder or lift. Simply mount the camera and solar panel to the pole from the ground and then extend the pole to the desired height.

To learn more about our solutions and the many ways we’ve made site jobsite cameras more accessible to the industry, contact us today. 

About Wendi Burke

Wendi Burke, VP Marketing & Customer Success
Wendi Burke has a career spanning over 25 years in the marketing and management of high-tech fortune 100 and SMB organizations. Prior to joining Sensera Systems, Burke spent 10 years in executive leadership roles in surveillance, access control, and cloud-based software industries for companies including 3xLOGIC and IQinVision (now Vicon Security). Burke has a strong track record of building and managing peak performance Marketing, Product Management and Inside Sales teams.


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