SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
Click here to learn more!

Construction Laydown Yard

Spotlight on Site Cameras for Construction Laydown Yards

Cameras for construction laydown yards --- a remote monitoring solution that saves time, enhances security, and makes hazard identification a breeze for busy contractors.

Laydown yards are sitting ducks for thieves and vandals, but that’s not the only risk these high-value areas present. Organization and safety issues are of concern when large amounts of materials and equipment are being stored and moved on a daily basis.

A well-maintained and fully monitored laydown yard is essential for security and safety; however, physically being on-site 24/7 is not practical. Solar-powered, 4G LTE-enabled site cameras are the perfect way to achieve remote monitoring on a laydown yard, even one without power or internet.

The insurance benefits of site cameras are well known in the construction industry, but there are many other functional benefits of using site cameras on laydown yards.

IoT is everywhere, from the home to the construction site, and it’s revolutionizing the way people and businesses interact with technology. RFID trackers, remote weather stations, and job site cameras are all examples of popular IoT devices being used in the construction industry today. 

Before IoT in construction, collecting job site data was a significant challenge. Now, collecting large amounts of data is virtually effortless. As this technology becomes more widely used, new challenges arise, paving the way for exciting new opportunities in automation.

Laydown Yard Logistics Monitoring

It’s not always practical to visit the laydown yard just to verify quantities of materials or whether a critical delivery has occurred.

Contractors need to know what tools and materials are available for a project at any given time. This sometimes means having to make a trip to the site or depend on someone else’s judgment to fill them in. By using site cameras, contractors can visually verify general quantities of materials remotely, saving them a trip to the laydown yard.

Site cameras with live streaming capabilities assist with deliveries and pickups by giving contractors visual confirmation in real-time. Going a step further, live streaming can help contractors direct the placement of materials from the office, preventing wasted time on reorganization.

Security Monitoring and Alerting

Laydown yards are a veritable jackpot for thieves looking to make quick cash, and they can be a tempting playground for teen vandals. Even with fencing, the site may be at higher risk overnight if it’s not monitored. A site security camera, like the SiteWatch PRO, enhances laydown yard security with motion-activated video recording and infrared illumination, capturing incidents even in the dark.

When a security breach occurs, the SiteWatch PRO2 can send real-time alerts to up to 5 recipients, helping to stop intruders before damage or losses occur.

Video evidence of a laydown yard crime can help speed up the insurance process to recover essential materials quickly.

Construction Worker Safety and Liability

With stacks of supplies, narrow pathways, and potentially dangerous materials, laydown yards are rife with safety concerns and liability risks.

Poor organization on a laydown yard can create job site hazards that may lead to injury, death, or damaged equipment and materials. Unstable stacks of materials and supplies protruding into vehicle pathways can increase the risk of struck-by incidents and equipment damage.

Site cameras provide a visual of the laydown yard’s safety status, helping contractors make decisions about potential hazards before they cause an incident.

When it comes to savings, cameras help save money on insurance by reducing premiums, while video coverage of incidents can help reduce liability.

Overall, site cameras offer an efficient, practical way to manage and monitor laydown yards remotely while helping contractors improve their bottom line. Talk to a Sensera Systems sales representative today to start reaping these remote monitoring benefits on your laydown yard.

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