SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature. Click here to learn more!
SiteWatch Security now available with TalkDown feature.
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Innovations Enhancing Jobsite Communications

In today’s competitive landscape, construction firms need to leverage current technologies in their business strategy. Innovations in site monitoring alone have proven to increase efficiency and productivity, while improving communication.

The insights that real-time jobsite monitoring delivers can transform how you manage your projects. The visual data collected during the execution phase can significantly influence project outcomes relating to schedule, quality, and safety. In fact, cameras can impact many challenges construction managers face every day such as the need for increased productivity, improved communications, and the avoidance of costly rework.


Site cameras can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device, allowing project stakeholders to monitor multiple sites from anywhere. This approach reduces travel expenses and saves hundreds of wasted man-hours driving from site to site. With real-time visibility into each jobsite, project stakeholders can focus on more important tasks like job progress and budget management.
SiteCloud Multi-site Construction Camera Dashboard
Unfortunately, miscommunication happens regularly on jobsites. Visual documentation can change this, greatly improving the communication process and decreasing the chances of misunderstandings. Project managers, trade partners, and others that need daily reports rely on images to “tell the story” of the project, and images help owners track the progress of their investment.

SiteCloud Project Site Weather Conditions

Rework is every project manager’s nightmare, 52% of which is caused by poor project data, but on-site cameras can help avoid this problem from the outset. Typically, a project will slowly derail because of several minor issues rather than one large one. Live and recorded video, and high-resolution real-time imagery from the jobsite can provide a robust picture of job progress and help spot potential problems early on — long before they wreak havoc on your schedule and budget, and more importantly, without requiring you to set foot on the jobsite. If what you see on the screen and in progress reports don’t match up, you can respond quickly and get the project back on track.
SiteCloud Markup, Annotate and Share Project Issues
There’s no question jobsite cameras provide a more extensive — and growing — range of capabilities to jobsite awareness. Whether your value proposition is security, marketing, productivity, or compliance, cameras have greatly improved visual monitoring, resulting in safe, secure, communicative, and productive operation.


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