AC Powered

For Solar-Denied Locations, Indoor Use, and Sites with Intermittent Power

New! AC Powered Module with 5 Days Battery Backup

All Sensera Solar Powered camera systems include our AC Power Module standard which is designed for sites with no solar-gain, indoor use, and sites with intermittent power.

Sensera’s platform moves to where there is no sun. Our construction cameras now provide jobsites that are indoors or with no solar gain with easy-to-use software for viewing, monitoring, and sharing images, video, and data with stakeholders of a project.

If your construction camera power needs change from project-to-project, you can easily switch between AC and solar power with your Sensera Systems camera systems.

Never have to worry about your jobsite and security cameras being without power, with 5 days of backup battery you will always be able to monitor and document what is going on-site, even during a power outage! AC-Power Module now comes standard on the MC26, MC78, MC88, & SiteWatch-PRO 2 models.

AC-Power Module Features:

AC-Power Box

Easily switch between powered and solar

Camera’s batteries provide 24/7 operation with intermittent AC Power

AC-Power Available on:


Click here to download MC26 Datasheet


Click here to download the MC78 Datasheet


Click here to download the MC88 Datasheet


Click here to download the SiteWatch-PRO2 Datasheet

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