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2021 Year in Review

CEO’s Corner ~ 2021 Highlights

Sensera Systems Year in Review

First, allow me to say how much we appreciate you, our friends and clients!
During the pandemic and particularly during 2021, Sensera Systems took the opportunity to further innovate and continue to strengthen our products, our team, and our customer relationships. Our customers solidified for us the immense value that real-time remote project management brings to our users, especially under difficult conditions.
New Sensera Products 2021

At the end of 2021, we released our 3rd generation camera platform bringing improved performance flexibility and reliability. That was followed by our powerful PTZ600 panoramic camera and new Project Pricing plans which bring unparalleled value and convenience to GCs and owners wanting to reduce costs, asset management headaches, and simplify project-to-project logistics.

We are grateful that our hard work has been well received by our customers old and new and is bearing fruit. In December 2021 we signed a worldwide Enterprise Agreement with PCL Construction and partnered with Latium Technologies to help deliver next-generation jobsite intelligence to the industry.

During the first quarter of 2022 Sensera Systems’ bookings grew over 30%, and we added 43 new Accounts who are working with Sensera Systems for the first time, laying a strong foundation for continued growth!

We are building Sensera Systems like you build your buildings “brick-by-brick” ensuring we deliver quality, performance, and value over the long term. Stay tuned for much more to come on we’re helping to improve jobsite productivity, risk, and safety.

Thank you again for your continued trust and partnership ~ David Gaw, Founder and CEO


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