Save on Insurance Premiums While Mitigating Risk
Insurance companies are increasingly asking Contractors to deploy site security solutions as part of builder's risk. Sensera's solutions can help!

Sensera Systems solutions are designed for multi-application use. The same solution that can help you with project documentation, increased team productivity and collaboration, mitigation of risk and rework, the capture of safety incidents, and improved site security, can also help fulfill new insurance mandates and requirements.
Video monitoring captures incidents and near misses; helps safety teams correct bad habits sooner; enables remote oversight of safety compliance; helps identify areas of risk and spot issues, as-built, to avoid unnecessary re-work. In essence, it provides another 'set of eyes' on the job site to help identify and correct issues, in order to avoid losses and violations.
While dispute resolution is typically addressed at the contract level, and of course through quality and safety best practices when issues do arise, site technology can help avoid costly litigation. Having reliable as-built documentation can help prove that a step or process was, or was not, completed properly.
Oftentimes, law enforcement looks to nearby public camera footage to help identify thieves or provide documentation for insurance, which is clearly not ideal. Fortunately, there's a better way. Our  SiteWatch PRO2 offers 24/7 real-time motion-triggered alerts with an image or video clip for immediate review, response, and the ability to share with law enforcement.
The benefits of video monitoring are clear to insurance experts; "I think they are going to be pretty ubiquitous on any job site of reasonable size," said Adrien Robinson, Head of construction, Inland Marine & Complex Casualty, the Hartford.

As GCs begin to learn more about the benefits, the inhibitors to the adoption of video monitoring technologies are crumbling. Robinson points out, "Cameras are not new, but some of the basics of these technologies have vastly improved over the last few years. The cost of cameras has decreased rapidly, and the quality of the video has improved dramatically... you also have Cloud storage capabilities and artificial intelligence."
Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Kit (for PTZ & XL Models)
Our  Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Kit allows you to safely mount your site camera and solar panels to the roof of a building or trailer. The mount is secured to the roof, and stabilized, by weighing down the frame with Standard Cored Concrete Blocks (or similar).
DVR Recording Included
Did you know that all Sensera fixed position and security cameras include 24/7 video recording (DVR), with local storage and on-demand uploading? Get video footage of safety incidents, accidents, or anything else that happens on your job site with ease.
Use Case: First Interstate Bank
Solar Wireless System Simplifies Remote Site Management and Collaboration.
Sensera Systems
Why Sensera Systems?
Simply put, Sensera Systems provides the most flexible, reliable and affordable jobsite camera solutions in the industry.

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