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With costs rising every day, owners and GC's are faced with tough decisions when it comes to site technology and progress monitoring solutions.
Sensera Systems offers professional camera solutions at an affordable price for projects of any size or duration, allowing you to achieve complete site coverage for less. Don’t settle for capturing only a portion of your project. We’ve made it possible to have comprehensive 24/7 real-time viewing and capture of your entire site. No contracts and no hidden fees.
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  • Purchase Pricing
  • Enterprise Level Pricing
  • Multi-Camera Discounts
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • No Contracts
  • No Added or Hidden Fees
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee  
Competitive offerings can be cost-prohibitive for many. With Sensera Systems, you don't have to choose between progress monitoring and site security. Our affordable pricing makes it possible to deploy multiple cameras for the same price as a single camera from the other guys.
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Become an Enterprise Partner
Are you a general contractor with over 5 projects a year? You may be eligible to join our Enterprise Partner program. Our Enterprise Partners enjoy streamlined purchasing, priority customer service, and significant discounts on camera purchases, Project Pricing, and SiteCloud Software and Service.
Permission-Based Users in SiteCloud
Did you know that you can add Permission-based users to your SiteCloud account? Permission-based users can log in just like a standard user, but with permissions and access controlled by the Account Administrator. A great tool for providing access for subcontractors, stakeholders, or anyone else!
Use Case: First Interstate Bank
Solar Wireless System Simplifies Remote Site Management and Collaboration.
Sensera Systems
Why Sensera Systems?
Simply put, Sensera Systems provides the most flexible, reliable and affordable jobsite camera solutions in the industry.

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