3 Key Benefits of Project Pricing
Whether you are looking to reduce project costs, eliminate asset management headaches, or simplify logistics, Project Pricing may be right for you.
#1 Reduces Project Costs
Project Pricing is designed to reduce your per-project costs by tailoring the pricing based on your site camera needs and project duration.  It includes the camera, the SiteCloud service that best meets your project requirements, and free shipping to and from the project. 

Project Pricing also simplifies things when you will be passing along the cost to an Owner on projects where cameras are Owner mandated.
#2 Eliminates Asset Management Woes
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Managing assets on any project can be a headache, especially when you manage multiple projects at once. It's always a game of figuring out where the asset is, if it's already in use or scheduled for use on another project, if the asset will be available for your full project duration, and if the asset is in good working condition and has all of its related hardware.

With Project Pricing, you don't have to worry about asset management or inventory control. You get the camera system you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it.     
#3 Simplifies Logistics
Project Pricing includes free shipping to and from your project. This means one less step for you when planning your asset logistics. You simply tell us when and where you want it, and we'll make sure it's there when you need it. And when your project is over, send the camera back in the postage-paid box. It's that easy! 
How Project Pricing Works
Your Account Representative will work with you to determine your project goals, camera requirements, SiteCloud service needs, and project duration. We'll then provide Project Pricing that includes the camera, mounting hardware, SiteCloud Software & Service, and free shipping to and from the project.

When your next project starts, we do it again. No hassle, no fuss. 
Special Offer
If you are a current customer with an inventory of cameras but would like to move to Project Pricing, we want to help with the transition. With this special offer, you can trade-in your  used  Sensera Systems camera for a 15% discount on your next Project Pricing system of 9 months duration or more.
Offer applies to 1st and 2nd generation camera models only. Contact your Account Representative for additional details.
Free Personalized Training at Your Fingertips
Did you know that you can schedule a free personalized camera onboarding or training with our awesome Customer Success team? Simply visit our Support Site and select "Schedule Training" to choose a date and time via Calendly that's convenient.
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Spotlight on Elections Integrity
Elections integrity has been in the spotlight for decades. Technology can help ensure transparency and security.
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