It's That Time of Year Again!
As Spring draws near, many of you will be bringing your cameras out of storage for use on your next project; and we're here to help! Sensera Systems makes it easy to redeploy your cameras on each new project whether indoor, outdoor, large or small.
Sensera Systems cameras are designed for maximum flexibility and mobility. That means that we've made the process of moving your camera from project to project as easy as possible. We are here to help you with our always free support services, or you can follow the simple best practices outlined below.
STEP 1: Restart SiteCloud Service
Sensera's SiteCloud Platform
If you will be using a camera that has been in storage, please contact our Finance Team or click the button below to request the reactivation of your service plan. For faster service, please make sure you have the last 4 digits of the camera's serial number and a service start date in mind. Once you have reactivated your service plan, you are ready for Step 2.
STEP 2: Ready Your Camera for Use
Depending on how long your camera has been in storage, there may be little or no battery charge remaining. We advise that you connect your camera to its AC power adapter for 48 hours before installation and use. This will ensure the camera is fully operational when deployed instead of having to wait for the solar panels to charge the batteries.
STEP 3: Update Your SiteCloud Account
Once the camera is fully charged, login into your SiteCloud account to verify that your last project was archived. If any media remains in the Captured Images Pane, you will need to archive your last project before making changes to the camera settings.
By archiving your last project, you will avoid having media from multiple projects stored together in SiteCloud. Archiving does this by saving media from the completed project into an archive folder and then clearing the camera's Captured Images pane to give you a blank slate for your next project.
Contact our Support Team for assistance or follow our best practices documentation for managing your Sensera Systems camera assets during periods of transition, new projects that will be using an existing camera, or when projects are ending.

After your last project has been archived, go to the SITE section and create a new Project Site for your new project. Remember to enable your feature settings including time-lapse schedules, alerts, and contact information for notifications.
AT&T 3G Cellular Support Discontinuation
3G Cellular.png
Effective February 22nd AT&T will no longer support 3G services on their network. Legacy camera models with 3G service may cease to connect to the network once AT&T drops their 3G support. To ensure uninterrupted cellular service, Sensera Systems customers with legacy models are eligible to trade-in their 3G devices for new camera models at 40% off MSRP. Contact your Account Manager for a trade-in quote and additional information.
Why Sensera Systems?
Sensera Systems provides the most flexible, reliable, and affordable camera solutions in the industry.
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