Site Intelligence Solution Simplifies Progress Monitoring, Collaboration and Security
"The more additional eyes on the site, the better. This helps with safety and risk mitigation, as well as provides remote access to the site when a team member isn’t local.”
— Jennifer Suerth, Vice President - Technical Services, Pepper Construction Company
Pepper had interest in being able to see an overview of the entire jobsite for real-time remote progress monitoring and logistics... Pepper also wanted advanced security capabilities, to monitor specific areas of the site such as the entry gate to see who is coming and going, as well as the parking lot and lay down yard.

Pepper was unfamiliar with Sensera Systems product prior to using them at the Oracle Lab. Due to the success there, they have since implemented Sensera solutions on multiple projects across Pepper, including other offices.
The Highlights
  • Almost 100,000 Images Captured – 453 Days On Site
  • Full Real-time Remote Access to the Jobsite, Including After Hours Monitoring – “Our team was able to access the camera on weekends and off hours to verify subs were able to get in to the site and/or things were locked up correctly.”
  • Cameras provide “Eyes on the site” – “Due to the nature of the project, the amount of cameras was more than on typical jobs and was extremely useful. Example: Unfamiliar vehicles - deterrent factor alone is good (we saw that Ubers utilize parking lot, and Oracle may not have realized that.)”
  • Remote Convenience – “The Design Team was able to access the site remotely (COVID)”
  • Time-lapse, Reporting & Multiple Camera Views at Once
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March Poll Results: Do you use job site cameras on your projects?
29% "Yes - On every project"     39% "Yes - on some projects"     32% "No or rarely"
Monthly Tech Tip
Annotate for Collaboration
Did you know you can use the Annotate Image feature in SiteCloud to add information and draw attention to important details in your project photo. Whether you are collaborating with others or need to make a note for yourself, simply click the orange pencil icon on the View page in SiteCloud to get started!
Case Study
Site Intelligence Solution Simplifies Progress Monitoring, Collaboration and Security
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Case Study
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