Reduce Insurance
Costs by Prioritizing
Jobsite Safety
Insurance companies reward
good safety habits, like camera
deployment and incident response
plans, making risk mitigation
the quickest path to savings.
Did you know that most insurance companies offer breaks on construction insurance premiums for deploying construction site cameras on a job? Insurance companies love documentation, so being able to provide video evidence of an incident can help reduce workers’ comp costs when a claim is unavoidable.
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Cameras can also remind employees to stay safe, which may help deter workers from taking risks on the job. In addition to the insurance benefits, contractors or managers can review video footage with their employees to identify safety issues and review incidents, which can improve risk awareness and safety.
Construction technology is now even more robust with products like Sensera Systems’ SiteCloud Analytics, which uses artificial intelligence and automation to conduct real-time safety analysis based on camera footage. This allows contractors or project managers to ensure their workers are following safety protocols at all times, without having to watch the site themselves.
Deploying cameras with truly useful, automated safety features is a must-have for safety-oriented contractors, and the cherry on top is the nice discount on insurance plans.
We recently published a full-length article on the cost of safety incidents and how you can reduce construction insurance costs on your projects. Read or download the article for free.  
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Snow Piling Up?
During the winter, watch for snow and ice covering your solar panels. While they won't harm the panel, snow and ice will prevent the solar panel from producing enough power to charge your camera batteries.
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