Sensera Systems Offers the Industry's Only Compact Solar Solution
AC + Solar models provide the unique ability to easily switch between power options depending on your needs.
Our Solar + AC solutions provide maximum flexibility for ideal system placement and installation whether your site has power available or not. Our systems are completely DIY, requiring no power or Ethernet, and can be setup by one person in 20-minutes. This flexibility also makes it simple to relocate your cameras for alternative progress views or to a new jobsite upon project completion.

Our patented low-power technology enables our award winning solutions to operate in our unique compact enclosure. No additional power/battery box, or large solar panel arrays required. In fact, our cameras can operate for up to 10 days with no power or network connectivity (depending on models).

So when your next project is scheduled, consider that bigger is not better when it comes to jobsite camera technology. 
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Over 1,000 GC customers agree that Sensera Systems provides the most flexible, reliable, afforadable and compact solutions in the industry.
Monthly Tech Tip
As-Built Image Capture
Did you know you can take images from your phone and upload them directly to your project in SiteCloud? Using our free SitePOV app on Android or iOS, any camera can be a Sensera Systems camera.
Dispute Resolution Simplified
The same solution you use for progress monitoring can also help with more efficient dispute resolution.
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Why Sensera Systems?
Sensera Systems provides the most flexible, reliable and affordable camera solutions in the industry.
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