Dispute Resolution Simplified with
Multi-Application Camera Solution
If your current solution does not allow you to leverage your
technology investment for more than just time-lapse, now is
the time to switch to one that does.
Sensera Systems solutions are designed for multi-application use. Meaning that the same solution that can help you with project documentation, increased team productivity and collaboration, mitigation of risk and rework, capture of safety incidents, and improved site security, can also help with more efficient dispute resolution.

While dispute resolution is typically addressed at the contract level, and of course through quality and safety best practices, when issues do arise, site technology can help avoid costly litigation. Having reliable as-built documentation can help prove that a step or process was, or was not, completed properly.
In the last several years for example, our systems have been able to help contractors resolve disputes related to failed concrete. In two such cases, the GC's were able to produce video documentation from before, during, and after the concrete pour, along with the accompanying weather data. What was quickly discovered was that in both cases, the subs went ahead with the scheduled concrete pours despite the sub-optimal weather conditions in the lower to mid-30˚'s. The result of course was that the strengthening process was slowed which led to weakened concrete.

As you can imagine, having solid, visual documentation with weather data can help resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively.
Monthly Tech Tip
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Your Camera Info at Your Fingertips
Did you know you can see camera status information such as Service Plan, Battery Level, Power Input, Network Speed, and more by clicking on the Battery/Network Status section of SiteCloud next to the camera name? You can even see the amount of data your camera has used this month!
Material Thefts On The Rise
While we can’t stop criminals from accessing your site, we can deter, alert, and help in recovery.
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Why Sensera Systems?
Sensera Systems provides the most flexible, reliable and affordable camera solutions in the industry.
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