Solution Provides Simple to Deploy Daily Remote Progress Monitoring
“Our partnership with Sensera has been smooth, collaborative and incredibly impactful with our continued success in development."
—Wasily (Wes) Demichow, Regional Construction Manager, Wingstop
Wingstop operates and franchises a global network of restaurants with the mission of serving the world FLAVOR. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Dallas, TX, Wingstop Inc. operates and franchises 1,500 restaurants worldwide and growing.
Wingstop stores typically comprise 1,500 square feet of interior space and are built out or remodeled on a fast-paced 2 month schedule.
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wingstop needed a tool to assist Project Managers see their jobsites without physically traveling to the build locations, ensuring worker safety and risk mitigation. After researching available technology, Wasily Demichow, Wingstop Regional Construction Manager, selected Sensera as the provider of choice...
The Sensera system enabled us to meet Wingstop’s goals, allowing them to not only view the daily progress of the construction without having to travel to the site, but also provided robust stakeholder visibility and collaboration, the ability to monitor as-built progress to schedule, and manage the logistics of labor, equipment and materials. Read the full Case Study.
Poll: Do you use jobsite cameras on your projects?
Yes - On every project
Yes - On some projects
No or Rarely
February Poll Results: When do you use jobsite cameras? 50% of respondents selected "Only when owner, insurance, or contract mandated" and 50% selected "When the project team or company decides to."
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Carrie Hunter, Director of Sales, provides an in-depth look at how Sensera Systems is helping leading GC's solve common challenges on today's bustling job site through the use of technology.

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