Jobsite Cameras Are Not All Created Equal
Sensera Systems cameras are uniquely designed for ease of use, simple installation and no hassle mobility. With our compact solar design, you can deploy and relocate your system in minutes!
Jobsite cameras, solar panel arrays and mounting equipment come in all shapes and sizes; some easier to work with than others. As an example, some cameras require an electrician to run power, an IT technician to run ethernet, two or more workers to heft the bulky equipment and get it installed. These types of system deployments can cost thousands of additional dollars and delay a project's visual documentation by weeks. 

Our cameras are built for the construction site. Our patented technology, makes our compact system design possible. The result is a completely DIY solution, allowing a single person to easily deploy a camera with a wrench and screwdriver in less than 20 minutes. No electrical, IT, or multi-worker setup required.
Not only are our systems quick and easy to install at the beginning of a project, they are also simple to relocate for alternative progress views or move to a new jobsite upon project completion. Convenient accessories like our telescoping pole even eliminate the need for a ladder or lift. Simply mount the camera and solar panel to the pole from the ground and then extend the pole to the desired height.
Monthly Tech Tip
Multiple Time-lapse Schedules
Did you know you can set multiple time-lapse schedules for your project? By using multiple schedules you can take images at different frequencies on different days or at different hours than your normal schedule.
Poll: What is the biggest driver when determining whether to use cameras on a project?
Based on budget constraint or size of project
Remote, real-time site access, time-lapse, etc.
Requested by Owner or project team
Latest Software Enhancements
Our team of engineers are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and enhance SiteCloud to make your experience even better. This means our software and apps are always evolving with performance improvements and bug fixes. 
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In-App Service Plan Notifications (New)
SiteCloud users will now receive an in-app reminder 30 days prior to service plan expiration to ensure there is no interruption to service mid-project.
SiteCloud Mobile 70/30 Split View (Bug Fix)
Fixed an issue that prevented the 70/30 split functionality to display properly on some iPad devices. The 70/30 split allows users to work within 2 apps at the same time. This is a handy feature for Project Managers and Construction Supervisors and is just one of the ways we are improving the customers’ experience.
SiteCloud Mobile App-sm.png
Mobile Apps
Sensera Systems has 3 unique mobile apps available for both Android and Apple download.
Wingstop Thumb.png
Case Study
Wingstop solution provides simple to deploy daily remote progress monitoring.
On-Demand Video
On-Demand Demo
A look at how we're helping GC's solve common challenges on the job every day.

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