Technology Provides Real-time Insights & Efficiencies for XL Construction
Trevor Johnston, Manager Construction Technology at XL Construction discusses how the California-based contractor uses jobsite intelligence on their projects and the unexpected benefits they've realized across the organization.
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Sensera Systems has been equiping GCs with real-time project insights and documentation since 2012. Our solutions are purpose-built for the unique demands and requirements of the remote jobsite.
Flexible, Reliable Solar
No power or Internet? No problem. Our solar-powered solutions have been deployed in remote locations throughout the world. Whether your project is in the middle of the city, desert or forest; we've got you covered.
All Sensera Systems solar-powered solutions come standard with battery backup and AC power capabilities in addition to WiFi and cellular connectivity for the ultimate in deployment flexibility and reliability indoors or out. 
Full Lifecycle Management
Pro Tip: When you complete the exterior of your project, move your cameras indoors to continue visual monitoring throughout the project life cycle. We've made it simple with our compact/portable, 4GLTE/WiFi solutions.
Click here to learn more about the full range of solutions available from Sensera Systems or read more about construction technology from our Articles & eBooks.
Can Jobsite Solutions Provide Both Progress Monitoring and Security?
The short answer is yes. In fact, there are 5 key areas that contractors can achieve additional simultaneous value from today's construction solutions including: productivity, collaboration, security, risk/safety and marketing.
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Solution Enhances Customer Experience, Progress and Security
With multiple simultaneous projects throughout the state... Koncept Design + Build needed a mutli-site, real-time progress monitoring, and security solution to help ensure each customer’s home is treated with respect, care, and dedication.

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