How to Ensure You Choose the Right Jobsite Technology... and it's Scalable
Construction technology has come a long way and it’s important to understand how you can leverage that technology for what you want to achieve.
There are several variables to consider when selecting the right technology for your unique use case. For example, what type and size project will the cameras be used on (large commercial, residential, retail, etc.)? What will the cameras predominantly be used for: progress monitoring, risk and safety, collaboration/communications, security, marketing or a combination? Knowing the answers to these basic questions will help narrow down the validity of available solutions and inform optimal coverage and technology feature/capability requirements.

When selecting a site intelligence solution, choose a cloud-based platform that is easy to use, includes multi-site dashboards, and is feature rich.
Sensera's SiteCloud Platform
This will ensure a higher level of user adoption, that additional cameras can be added at any time, and any software updates and new features will be pushed to your system automatically. For reliability, we recommend a solar-powered solution that includes battery backup, the ability to plug into AC power for indoor use, and provides both cellular and WiFi connectivity for maximum flexibility.
It's also important to consider the manufacturer/provider of your construction technology. Do they cater to and understand the construction market? Are their solutions designed specifically for construction use-cases?
There are several good solutions available today, the best of which will provide all of these features and capabilities without requiring a la carte fees or expenses. Simply enable the features you want, when you want them, as you scale.

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Nationwide Installation Services
Whether your project is a single site construction project or rapid national deployment, our installation professionals are strategically located across the US and Canada, and ready to help.

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