A Focus on Safety & Security
Thanks to you, our loyal customers, we’ve been busier than ever. Over the past month we’ve received a lot of questions around safety and security, so we’ve focused this month’s newsletter on these important topics.
Even in the midst of these chaotic times we’re living through, work continues. Federal and OSHA guidelines are updated regularly with new PPE and social distancing requirements, making compliance monitoring all the more important.

As with any project, having the right tools is necessary for success. Site cameras provide many capabilities to enable you to work efficiently and effectively whether onsite or remote—ensure teams are following safety guidelines and social distancing; manage important critical path milestones; securing your site, equipment and assets after hours—easier than ever before.
SiteCloud TM Dashboard
All Sensera Systems cameras are powered by SiteCloud software which provides a dashboard that allows you to view all your cameras, on all your jobsites at once. This multi-view dashboard enables real-time site intelligence so you can proactively avoid any potential risks, delays, or safety issues.
Continuous Video Recording
Continuous video recording is a standard feature of Sensera’s MC78 and MC88 cameras and provides for simplified review of safety, PPE and social distancing compliance. This high-quality video documentation is also critical for security applications where motion triggered events are captured.
Video & Image Sharing
SiteCloud allows users to activate public URL access pages and permission-based user options. In addition to transparency and collaboration, this feature can assist in the rapid sharing of critical intelligence to equip first responders arriving on scene, or with the recovery of damages or assets.
Learn more about our full range of capabilities such as Live Video Streaming, Still Image Capture and Markup, Motion Detection and Low Light Video and Image Capture from your Sales Manager.
Nationwide Installation Services
Whether your project is a single site construction project or rapid national deployment, our installation professionals are strategically located across the US and Canada, and ready to help.
Motion Detection Alert.png
Sensera Scoop:
3 Tips for Protecting Your Jobsite
As a construction manager, one of your priorities is protecting your construction site and limiting unnecessary expenses. Check out these tips on how to protect your site, tools and equipment from theft and vandalism.
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Solar/Wireless Solution Allows for Integrated City Surveillance Expansion
A well known City in Southern California, is famously the hub of the entertainment world. The City makes extensive use of outdoor surveillance to support the police department and city teams.

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