Why Choose Sensera?

Simple, Powerful, Affordable

Why Choose Sensera?

Sensera Systems MultiSense Cameras are a new breed of site cameras. Our patented technology is a breakthrough in reducing power consumption of cameras. This has made solar power reliable, portable, and much lower cost than current generation systems. If you need a camera at a site that does not have power or internet, Sensera Systems is the choice.

CONSTRUCTION - There are 3 reasons to consider Sensera Systems cameras for construction site monitoring:

  1. Simple – you can deploy your camera in minutes with no IT department and no costly electrician.
  2. Powerful – MultiSense cameras offer fully-automated timelapse, and also real-time video streaming, recording, and a unique LiveView feature that helps you keep tabs on your project at a fraction of the monthly cost of traditional webcams.
  3. Affordable – Sensera Systems’ professional site cameras are half the cost of alternatives. Seriously, see the comparison here.



  • Simple – no power/internet needed. The cameras are portable and can be installed by one person.
  • Powerful – with long-range motion detection to 100’, night vision , and real-time alerts, the SiteWatch-700 Series is a complete site surveillance and security solution.
  • Affordable – traditional solutions are pieced together from security cameras, along with modems, power supplies, and routers. The fully integrated SiteWatch-700 Series provides site monitoring at a fraction of the cost. Sensera Systems cameras are winning awards and accolades from customers across the U.S. and Canada.

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