WebApp - Camera Monitoring Software

WebApp - Camera Monitoring Software

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The WebApp is a graphical user interface software for configuring and controlling your MultiSense camera. Key features include:

  • 100% web based - runs on any web browser from desktop or mobile device - no app to install
  • Automated time-lapse collection and movies
  • Video streaming
  • Annotation, compare
  • Supports MC-30 Series, and MC-60 Series cameras over cellular or WiFi
  • Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Configure DVR recording
  • Multiple levels of access control
  • Share and export images and web pages
  • View multiple cameras from one account

The WebApp is accessed by creating an account at www.Webapp.SenseraSystems.com, logging in, and registering your camera(s). The following sections detail the WebApp features and interface.

Real-Time View and On-Demand Imaging

The View screen allows you configure and view images from a single camera. You can view the latest picture taken as soon as it is uploaded, and browse and display any image by date/time. You can also request an on-demand picture at any time, that upload immediately.The View screen has full-screen, and detail display modes.


Automated Time-lapse

Configure time-lapse schedule by hours/day, days/week and frequency with a simple pull-down menu. Collection of time-lapse images is automatic and images are uploaded immediately for Viewing.  Time-lapse video is created automatically and updated daily. You can view or export and share instantly at any time. Custom time-lapse can be created and exported at anytime.



Shared URL and Configure Camera

Cameras are configurable to customize name, description, and addres for automatic notifications.

A Shared URL feature allows you to provide access to others on the team or the public, or embed in a website.


Annotate and Share

The annotate dialog allows you to mark up images with text or pen and archive permanently. Annotations can be displayed or not on viewing or export.  Export and Share image features allow you to export one or a range of images, or email an image directly.


Weather and Time-stamp

All images are time-stamped as to date, time and location of the image. Weather information for the site is available at the click of your mouse.


System and Account Status

The system status dialog shows detailed information on the camera health, network connection, and account and data usage information.



Compare Images

The compare function allows you to select two images from the project and then compare them visually with a simple slider button (vertically or horizontally).

Event and Thumbnail Timelines

The timeline display can display thumbnails of the captured images for easy searching.

The event timeline shows all activity with your camera at a glance

Manage All Cameras at a Glance

The System screen allows you to register a new camera into your system, and to see a summary of all cameras currently in the account.  The integrated map shows you the geographic location of each camera in your system.

The Dashboard view allows you to see live or most recent images from multiple cameras in your system. This view also displays a summary of any system alarms.

Data Graphing

The Graph window shows trend graphs of any and all monitored I/O variables. This allows you to see historical trends at a glance.

 Account Management

The "gear" available from any screen allows you to configure your account.  From this dialogue you can configure your email contact, change password, and set default view page. Also available from this screen is a feature to configure a "read only" access. This allows you to create a separate login for the account that will have ability to view but not modify the camera or images.  You can also list email and/or text numbers to receive alerts.




WebApplication Graphical User Interface Features

Image Display and Manage

  • Take live image OR stream video (MC-60 Series)
  • Search/View image by date/time
  • Browse all images/videos
  • Upload DVR images/clips (MC-60 Series)
  • Share image (via email, SMS)
  • Export images, timelapse to desktop
  • Annotate image (text, draw)
  • Compare images
  • Create timelapse movie
  • Delete images, videos
  • Display weather (live, historical)

System Management

  • Register/Add Device to System
  • Edit System/Site Name
  • Edit Device Names
  • Display device type and configuration
  • Display Device Location
  • Show service status
  • Set default email, SMS for alarms/alerts

Camera Status

  • Display network status
  • Display battery status
  • Display temperature
  • Display power consumption
 Camera Configuration
  • Edit Camera Resolution
  • Set Time Zone
  • Configure timelapse frequency
  • Configure timelapse schedule (days of week
  • Configure DVR schedule (MC-60)
Alerts & Alarms
  • Configure system alarms (SMS/email address)
  • View Alarm status
  • View Alarm history
Datalogging and Alert
  • Configure datalogging
  • Configure alert conditions
  • Export data