Traffic & Roads

Low-cost, Rapid Deploy Road Monitoring Solutions

Traffic & Roads

Affordable Traffic Monitoring for Towns of Any Size

Public works managers understand the value to safety and the community of having real-time road and highway traffic cameras in place as part of their intelligent traffic system (ITS) infrastructure. But typical solutions involve expensive site planning and engineering, communications infrastructure, trenching, and IT expense for proprietary software systems and servers. Sensera Systems's MultiSense Solar/Wireless Cloud Cameras change all that.

The MultiSense cameras offer 100% solar operation, with very small solar panels, allowing them to be placed on existing infrastructure such as light poles, traffic poles, bridges, trees. The small size and light weight of the system means no special engineered poles are required.

Rapid install with direct staff

With the Sensera Systems solution there is no need to coordinate with various teams for wiring, IT. Hang the camera on a pole, and configured into the pre-built traffic camera interface. Enable the public viewing page and you can have cameras live online in literally minutes.

Cellular or WiFi

MultiSense Cameras offer cellular or WiFi connectivity built-in. Cellular systems can be deployed and online in minutes, with no other IT infrastructure required. Existing network infrastructure can be easily extended with WiFi to reach the camera and save on cellular fees. A mix of cellular and WiFi camera configurations can be used in a single system.

No Software to Buy or Develop

The MultiSense Cloud Service provides complete management of the cameras, links to public view pages for real-time traffic conditions. No expensive software design or development is required. The system is turn-key, out of the box and can be running in minutes whether you have 5 cameras or 500. The MultiSense Cloud Service includes cellular connectivity, so you have one-stop shop with Sensera Systems - no hassling with wireless carriers.

Full-featured Cameras

Our cameras offer high-resolution still images updated at any frequency, live video streaming, as well as edge-recording.

It has never been easierto deploy live traffic cameras to keep citizens informed of road conditions and weather. Learn more about Sensera Systems products for Traffic and Safety applications.

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