Time-lapse Videos

Construction, Oil & Gas, Event Monitoring

Time-lapse Videos

Example Time-lapse Videos

MC-30 & MC-60 Series cameras provide the ability to easily create automated time-lapse videos up to 1080p with the touch of a button via the MultiSense WebApp. You can easily create custom time-lapse videos by just selecting date range, duration, video size (480p, 720p, or 1080p), and quality level. Time-lapse videos can be viewed and downloaded at any time. Time-lapse videos can be shared with anyone you want by creating a view-only website link with the touch of a button. Check out examples of time-lapse videos generated by our cameras. Just click on the Play button for the video you wish to view.

Learn more about the MC-30 Series cameras here and the MC-60 Series cameras here.

Construction Time-lapse Videos







Oil & Gas Time-lapse Video


 Event Monitoring Time-lapse Video


 Traffic Time-lapse Video