SiteCloud Highlights April 2021

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SiteCloud Highlights April 2021

SW Release Date and Time 04/27/2021 5pm

Our hard-working team of engineers are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and enhance SiteCloud to make our customers’ experience even better. This means our software and apps are always evolving with performance improvements and bug fixes.

Let’s look at a few highlights from our latest release.

In-App Service Plan Notifications

SiteCloud users will now receive an in-app reminder notification prior to their service plan expiration. This ensures that the camera “user”, who is not always the billing contact, receives a notification and can take appropriate steps internally to make sure service is not interrupted.

The notification is in the form of a banner at the top of the SiteCloud window that says:

REMINDER: The SiteCloud subscription on this camera is set to expire within 30 days. To ensure uninterrupted service, email to renew.

To remove the banner from the screen, the user must click the “Acknowledge” button. If there is ever a question as to whether a customer has been notified, we can provide information as to where the invoice was sent and when/who acknowledged the notification in SiteCloud.


Auto Enablement of Camera Status Alerts

One of our customers’ pain points has been around not receiving Camera Status Alerts, when they believe they have signed up for them. Camera Status Alerts are automatically sent when SiteCloud detects issues with battery levels, connectivity/communication with the camera, temperature, or solar charging.

The challenge? Customers often enter an email address and/or phone number where they want to receive the alerts; however, they do not check the box above to actually enable the feature (Receive camera status alerts).

To avoid confusion in the future, once the user enters the appropriate email address and/or phone number, the feature will automatically be enabled (unless they manually uncheck the box).


SiteCloud Mobile 70/30 Split View on iPad’s

Fixed an issue that prevented the 70/30 split functionality to display properly on some Apple iPad’s. The 70/30 split on iPad’s allows users to work within 2 apps at the same time. This is a handy feature for Project Manager’s and Construction Supervisors and is just one of the ways we are improving the customers’ experience.

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