SitePOV App

Capture accurate, timely as-built photo documentation of your construction project.
Automate As-Built Image Capture & Photo Management

Sensera’s SitePOV mobile app extends your SiteCloud software and cameras by providing a powerful, mobile photo management tool to your entire team. Capture construction progress images on the fly from around the site with a smartphone or tablet, while having management of those images fully automated by SiteCloud. Users can capture images anytime and they will be uploaded and organized instantly into your SiteCloud account alongside your fixed camera time-lapse images. No more fumbling with cloud folders, email or SD cards.

SitePOV Mobile App

SitePOV Datasheet

Document & Manage Site Images from Any Angle

Capture specific viewpoints around the site

Align SitePOV captured images with fixed site camera images

Take unlimited a la carte images for markup and sharing

Archive and organize ALL site photography

Instant upload to SiteCloud

Automated tagging, organizing & upload of mobile images

See build sequence with mobile-captured time-lapse

Image alignment tool supports progress image capture

Images automatically timestamped and 6D geo-referenced


6D geo-referenced, timestamped image capture from smartphone or tablet

Automatic upload to SiteCloud account

Capture images for any SiteCloud defined project/site

Create new SitePOV Series

Add Picture to SitePOV Series

Change transparency of alignment overlay image

Edit Site/Project Name

Edit SitePOV Series Name

Delete SitePOV Series

Change resolution of images to be captured

Align Image Capture with previous image for that SitePOV Series

SiteCloud Features for SitePOV captured images:

Automated time-lapse generation

Custom time-lapse generation

Search image by time/date

Annotate image

View image

Integrations with 3rd party Construction software including:
Autodesk BIM 360, Procore, NoteVault, Spectrum

Display SitePOV Series locations on SiteCloud Sites map

Image markup

Image compare

End of project archiving

Public URL sharing


Share images, time-lapse videos

SitePOV lets you create “SitePOV Series” which is a series of images taken from a specific location and viewing angle. SitePOV along with SiteCloud keeps your images organized by these SitePOV Series’. You can then return to any location at anytime to capture more images from that same location/viewpoint. The image alignment feature allows you to very quickly ensure that the new image aligns exactly with the last one. This allows seamless time lapse generation, and comparing images over days or weeks of the project. You can create as many SitePOV Series’ as you wish to fully document your site. Images within a SitePOV Series can be taken at any frequency, to support documentation and sharing goals. Images are uploaded immediately to SiteCloud as they are taken.

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