Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

Perimeter security

Providing outdoor security camera and surveillance solutions for large and/or remote areas is not easy.  Providing power and communications can mean trenching, permits, adding significantly to costs and schedule.  Cameras have a limited coverage and so must be placed close to the areas of interest.  IP based cameras are a requirement to provide scalability and compatability.  The Sensera MultiSense Cameras provide ideal solutions for large area and remote perimeter security and surveillance such as:

  • Equipment yards
  • Parking lots
  • Storage areas
  • Gates and entrances
  • Remote facilities
  • Rail yards
  • Cell towers
  • Pipelines


 Flexibility and simplicity

The MC-60 camera is a solar surveillance camera, jobsite security camera, and construction site security camera that is 100% solar and 100% wireless, providing a system that can be deployed in minutes, rather than days or weeks. It offers live H.264 video streaming to the cloud, and built-in DVR for continous recording. The small size of the system means they can be mounted on existing light poles or fence lines to provide coverage in hard to reach areas.

Intelligence at the edgeThe cameras can be easily moved to provide better or temporary coverage of a different area.

The Sensera MultiSense Cameras have built-in processing to provide detection analytics in the camera. This improves response time, reduces network traffic, and improves reliability.

Learn more about the MC-60 construction site security Camera and how it can solve your security and surveillance requirements.