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Oil & Gas

Security and remote monitoring

Drillers and well operators have long seen the value in having video monitoring as well as I/O monitoring at drilling and well sites.  Delivering this at a reasonable cost has been a challenge. The remote locations and harsh environments make traditional CCTV security cameras unsuitable.

Solar, cellular - simple to deploy

Sensera MultiSense Cameras are oil field security cameras that offer the driller or well operator a better solution. Based on cellular (WiFi is also built in) and fully integrated with solar power, means that the MultiSense Camera is a solar surveillance camera that can be deployed in minutes - anywhere.  Remote I/O from the site can also be integrated to provide a single, low-cost platform for video monitoring and SCADA functions. Learn more here.

The MultiSense Cameras are wireless surveillance cameras designed for harsh environments, with rugged all-weather enclosures pressure sealed to IP67. They are completely self contained, with a short cable to the included solar panel. No other wiring or connections are required. The MultiSense Camera can replace an expensive cabinet-full of equipment typically used to implement an integrated SCADA system.

MultiSense Cameras include substantial onboard data storage. So data integrity is ensured even in the face of periodic network outages.

The Sensera Cloud Service provides highly scalable web-based user interface and camera management of 1000's of devices.

Contact the Sensera Sales Team (sales@senserasystems.com)  to discuss how we can help give you a better real-time view of your site!