MC-30 Series: Solar, Wireless Construction Camera

HD time-lapse and real-time imaging for jobsites

MC-30 Series: Solar, Wireless Construction Camera

Web-connected Site Camera Simplified

MC-30 Time-lapse Construction CameraThe MC-30 Series allows you to monitor any remote site from any PC or mobile device. It is solar powered and wireless so no internet connection or power at the site is required.


  • HD Color images (up to 8MP) - clear pictures of your jobsite for documentation, sharing, identification
  • Compact and integrated - no separate battery boxes or parts, weighs < 16 lbs. Easily mounts on tripod to move from site to site.
  • Complete system - solar panel, integrated battery system, brackets for pole mount. Nothing else to buy.
  • Self-install in 20 minutes - designed for extremely simple setup and install by site staff. No electricians or IT staff required.
  • 3G/4G/LTE Cellular & WiFi modems built-in - All major cellular networks offered (see Cellular Coverage)
  • Monitor from anywhere - 100% web interface allows multiple users to monitor from any PC or mobile device - no software to buy, install, or maintain.
  • Automated time-lapse - automated collection to your schedule, automated daily time-lapse movie.
  • Affordable - The integrated design of the MC-30 means the lowest cost solution available in a professional construction site camera. Why pay more?
  • Full-featured user interface (WebApp) - full-featured site camera with up to 8MP HD color images, configurable time-lapse, on-demand images, alerting via text/email, power management, time-lapse movie generation, image progress comparison, annotation and more. WiFi and cellular built in.
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View a short product video by clicking Here.

The MC-30 Series construction cameras are ideal for construction site security and time-lapse documentation. It is a fully integrated job site security camera that is simple to install and simple to use, and portable across job sites and different angles. See Pricing and Ordering information here.

If you have not been using site cameras due to cost and complexity, the MC-30 Series is a perfect opportunity to keep your project team, investors, and partners informed, and to provide professional site monitoring and project time-lapse.

For a site camera that includes live video streaming and DVR security functions, consider the MC-60 Series.

To view and download Bid Specifications click of the following link: MC-30 Series Bid Spec

  • 100% solar powered, 100% wireless camera
  • High resolution, color images
  • Simple to install or move: plug in solar panel, go to website and access your device
  • Standard 802.11b/g/n Wifi - works with standard access points/routers/antennas
  • Compact: small size and light weight mean simple one-person/no tools mounting on pole with included brackets
  • Reliable, built-in power system: No solar calculations, battery housings, chargers, or cabling to buy.
  • Affordable - for projects of any size

(Patents Pending)


  • Image sensor: CMOS
  • Resolution:
    8MP 3264x2448 pixels (configurable to lower resolutions)
  • Field of View: 60 ⁰ (w) 51 ⁰ (h)
  • Cloud Service includes regular upload to secure database
  • 3G/4G/LTE
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n (WPA/WPA2)
  • USB Mini-AB for loc configuration
  • Location: built-in GPS Positioning
  • 24/7/365 operation with solar power only
  • Solar power input (17-24VDC) optimized (weatherproof connector)
  • Auxiliary Power Input (17‐24VDC, 8A max)
  • Battery: built‐in Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack– provides up to 5 days operation with no sun (typical)
  • Operating Temperature:
     -20°C (-4°F) to +50°C (122°F)
  • Enclosure: Polycarbonate
  • Encapsulation: Designed to IP67
  • Camera Dimensions:10.75"(W) x 10.25" (D) x 5.0" (H)
  • Camera Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Solar Panel Dimenions:13.5" (W) x 21.25" (D) x 1.0" (H)
  • Solar Panel Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • Mounting: 1⁄4‐20 threaded insert for bracket/tripod mounting (pole/wall brackets included)
  • Locking: loop for attaching optional cable lock

(Patents Pending)

The Sensera MultiSense Camera is designed for the utmost ease of installation. In a matter of minutes you can be online and running with your camera.

3G/4G/LTE Cellular OperationMC-30 Solar Powered Site Surveillance Camera

  1. Create an account at Enter the device ID on the outside of the device. The MultiSense Web Application will automatically discover the device.
  2. Unpack your Sensera MultiSense Camera, plug in the solar panel, mount on a pole with included brackets, and strapping (no tools required).
  3. Your system is now running! Take live pictures, configure automated time-lapse. Learn more about the features of the web-based User Interface.

WiFi Operation

1. Unpack your Sensera MultiSense Camera, and plug in power, configure WiFi credentials via hotspot/web browser.

2. Plug in the solar panel, mount the Camera/Panel on a pole.

3. Create an account at Enter the device ID on the outside of the device. The MultiSense Web Application will automatically discover the device.

4. Your system is now running! Take live images, configure automated time-lapse.

Notice that there are not routers or firewalls to configure or network administration to request. The MultiSense Camera is designed to work seamlessly in a variety of LAN/WAN environments providing simple installation and trouble free operation.

Using the System

The MultiSense Web Application allows you to create an account that tracks all your registered cameras. The MultiSense Web Application allows you to:

  • Register and name your device and system
  • Configure custom settings like time-lapse frequency, email/phone to receive alarm notifications, data logging parameters and more
  • View captured images
  • Export, annotate images.
  • Create timelapse movie from captured images.
  • Take immediate image
  • View live video stream (some models)
  • View graphs captured data logs; Export data

The MC-30 Series comes as a complete system ready to deploy. The standard MC-30 kit includes:

  • MC-30 Series cameraMC-30 Site Camera Kit
  • Solar panel with cable
  • Mounting brackets for both camera and solar panel
  • Quick Start Quide

All units ship with cellular SIM cards and so can be activated immediately from the Sensera Web Application upon purchase of the MultiSense Cloud Service for cellular. Units can also be used with a WiFi connection and activation of the MultiSense Cloud Service for WiFi.

In addition, the following options and accessories available:


The MC-30 Series comes as a complete system ready to deploy at your construction site or remote location. Cloud service plans are available to suit different lengths of deployment and data collection requirements. See the Pricing and Ordering information for details on these Cloud Service options.

Complete information on accessories can be found in the Installation and User Manual.


Tripod Kit - This tripod kit allows for fast setup and mounting of the camera almost anywhere. The tripod is adjustable from 37" to 60" and the kit includes mounting bracket and sandbags (sand not included). The tripod kit will mount both the camera and the solar panel on the single bracket. 








Cable Lock - the MC-30/MC60 Series includes a loop for attaching a cable lock. Just run this cable lock around the pole and secure your MC-30/MC-60 Series. It adjusts from 6" to 6' in length.


Pole Strap Kit (Large Pole) - for large diameter pole mount of MC-30/MC-60 Series (up to 18" diameter). Includes solar panel and camera mount straps.