“I had used some of the early site cameras when building large high-rise projects. I could see the value to our team, but the products at the time were cumbersome and expensive. We liked that the Sensera Systems MultiSense cameras offered solar/wireless operation in a very small package. This allowed us to install the cameras ourselves quickly and without extra cost, and to move the cameras from job to job. The web interface has been great, allowing me and my team to keep tabs on the project from our desktop PC or iPad, and to share project status with our owners and investors. They are very cost effective even for our smaller condo projects.”— Tim Walsh – President, Confluence Companies

“…the cameras are very portable and we can easily move them from job to job. Most importantly, the price is right. Their software works great and we love being able to share live construction images with our tenants. The cameras and service that Sensera Systems offers has been great and we plan on using them on many more projects in the future.” Josh Cykiert – Project Manager, VERSA Development

“The City of Pullman only has one High School so this construction project is a major improvement and cost for the people of Pullman. We were concerned that our constituents would not be able to see their tax dollars at work. We are proud of our work and want to capture the historical changes as they occur as well as maintain a level of transparency. The superintendent charged me to provide a solution that was affordable and effective. Sensera Systems was the solution to both charges. For the past year, the MC-30 solution has been solid. Because of the location, we could not supply direct Ethernet or power to the mounted location so we went with the solar and wireless options. I could not be more satisfied with the outcome. On the one occasion where I needed to get support from Sensera, their team of experts helped us with direct support; remotely configuring the device to get us up and running. I give Sensera Systems my unreserved endorsement”. Garren Shannon – Information Systems Director, Pullman School District #267


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