Municipalities, Cities, Public Works

Smart cities, construction, utilities, roads

Municipalities, Cities, Public Works

Eliminating Barriers to Camera Deployment

Video surveillance and remote monitoring is an important tool for today’s communities, whether you are building toward a ‘Smart City’, or a public works department trying to make operations more efficient. However, traditional video security systems are expensive and complex to deploy and manage. Sensera Systems has created its MultiSense(tm) camera system to dramatically reduce costs and simplify deployment and operation of outdoor camera systems.

Sensera Systems cameras consume 1/5th to 1/10th the power of traditional remote cameras due to a unique, patented low-power integrated electronics design.

The MultiSense cameras offer unparalleled low total-cost and easy of deployment making them ideal for a wide range of permanent or portable monitoring and security applications. This enables MultiSense cameras to be 100% solar powered using small compact integrated battery systems and small portable solar panels. The MultiSense WebApp is cloud-based software that allows you to view, control, and share camera images and video from any PC, phone, or table, from anywhere, anytime. The cameras offer video streaming, recording, and more.

There are a wide range of requirements within government agencies for remote monitoring. These include:

  • Traffic/road management
  • Event security
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • Construction
  • Flood monitoring
  • Electric utilities
  • City parks
  • Crime prevention
  • Illegal dumping
  • Emergency management

A powerful, portable solution   

Sensera Systems' MultiSense Cameras and coud service offers an ideal solution for these applications. MultiSense Cameras offer:

  • Portability - No large trailers or permanent poles required. The cameras can be deployed quickly onto existing light poles, trees, etc.
  • Rapid, simple deployment - the 100% wireless and 100% solar operation means cameras can be deployed and online in minutes.
  • Complete solution - MultiSense Cameras and cloud service provide a turn-key solution that does not require IT integration or other components.
  • Low-costComplete portable surveillance/monitoring systems starting at under $3000. The highly integrated MultiSense Cameras and cloud solution provide breakthrough cost points for portable monitoring, and the lowest total ownership costs available in a professional system.
  • Anywhere/anytime access - the web-based cloud service allows you to access cameras from any PC or mobile device - no special apps required, no software to purchase or maintain.


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Learn more about the MultiSense Camera solution by talking to a Sensera sales representative at: sales@senserasystems.