MultiSense Cloud Service

Features and Benefits

MultiSense Cloud Service

Sensera Systems' MultiSense Cloud Service provides an end-to-end monitoring service for all MultiSense Cameras.

MultiSense Cloud Service features and capabilities:

  • WebApp - 100% web-based graphical interface software for control/viewing of cameras from any PC, tablet, or mobile device
  • Image Archival - secure archival of all collected images, DVR video clips, daily updated time-lapse movie
  • Download Anywhere/Anytime - download images, time-lapse movies, or DVR clips from any web enabled device
  • Public Access URL - shows latest image/time-lapse movie with customized project name and logos (no programming or IT required)
  • Alert/Alarm Routing - camera messages sent via text, email
  • Cellular Fees Included - no need to deal with the cellular carriers for camera to connect to WebApp server
  • Technical Support Hotline - proactive management of your cameras for smooth operation
  • Live Video Streaming - view live video from any web enabled device
  • LiveView® - image every 1-2 minutes with lower data usage than video
  • Multi-user – any number of users can access simultaneously
  • Project Updates – daily/weekly photo to list of emails
  • Managed Service - high-reliability servers
  • No Contract - service is month-to-month

WebApp View Screen - see a complete tour of the WebApp Software User Interface here.


WebApp+Cloud Service Datasheet


The MultiSense Cloud Service is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading provider of cloud computing and highly scalable, highly reliable, world-wide hosting services. Sensera’s MultiSense Platform is built on this rock solid foundation to provide secure, reliable storage of your data and access to your cameras.


The MultiSense Cloud Service is offered for cellular as well as WiFi. Some Cloud Service plans such as those on cellular access, have limits on the amount of data that can be uploaded from the camera to the WebApp per month. The amount of data required to be uploaded for the camera to operate will depend on some of the user-configurable camera settings. The Cloud Service includes a notification feature that will let users know if they are nearing a data limit for the plan during the month. This allows the user to modify the camera configuration to remain within the plan and avoid plan overage charges. Cellular plans are based data usage per month. Overage charges apply for data usage over the monthly limit. See pricing information for details.

The following factors affect total data usage per month:

  • Camera Resolution – typically you will have this set at the highest setting (3264x1836) which provides a 8 MP image for the MC-38 or MC-68. Lower resolutions can be used to reduce data consumption.
  • Timelapse Configuration – The main impact on data usage is the number of images collected for time-lapse. The “Interval”, the Hours / day, and the Days per week settings all affect the total number of pictures taken, and therefore the data usage.
  • On-demand pictures – Clicking the button to take an on-demand images, takes one picture which will be uploaded to the WebApp server. This uses data from your plan

The following table shows some typical configurations and the data plan that would be recommended.  Further details in estimating data plan usage can be found in the Installation and User Guide.

Configuration Estimated Data Usage ( GB / Mo.) Recommended Data Plan (monthly)

Resolution: 8 MP (3264 x 1836)

Time-lapse: every 15 min12 hours/day7 days/week

On-demand:  3/day

2.960 3GB Plan

Resolution: 8 MP (3264 x 1836)

Time-lapse: every 30 min10 hours/day5 days/week

On-demand:  3/day

0.980 1GB Plan