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Easily Create, Customize & Share Time-lapse Videos

Construction Time-lapse Cameras

Sensera’s construction time-lapse cameras can provide insights into project progress and site safety while capturing stunning images for collaboration and marketing. Whether your use case is progress tracking or promotion, Sensera has the perfect camera to suit your needs with unlimited custom time-lapse videos in up to 4k HD to document and showcase your work.

Keep key stakeholders informed of developments on your jobsite by setting up automated emails with the latest time-lapse video of your project. Provide live video access to stakeholders and the community with a free public access URL or embed your time-lapse videos on your website. Nothing shows off your work like time-lapse video.

Sensera Systems Jobsite Cameras with Time-lapse Capability

Project Execution

square Allowing team members to visually monitor progress in real-time on any device from anywhere
square Review images, annotate and then visually share project build issues with your project’s team for immediate resolution
square Integrations with Autodesk BIM 360, Procore, Plangrid and NoteVault

Risk Management

square Capture full video of safety incidents for review and process correction
square Automatically monitor restricted areas and receive real-time alerts to safety compliance issues
square Monitor and receive alerts to on-site trespassing, help to deter theft and mitigate liability risk

Win More Work

square 4k HD Time-lapse and Drone imagery to showcase your project from start to finish
square As-built documentation automatically captured to support dispute resolution
square Market prior projects with videos and detailed imagery


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