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Example Images

MC-30 & MC-60 Series cameras provide the ability to view on-demand still images and automated time-lapse images. The MultiSense WebApp makes it simple to take a picture with the touch of a button from any smartphone, tablet, or PC. Request an on demand photo and watch it appear on screen! And time-lapse photos can be easily scheduled and viewed anytime, anywhere. Check out some of the images taken by our cameras below. Just click on any image to see an enlarged version.

Learn more about the MC-30 Series cameras here and the MC-60 Series cameras here.

Construction Site Images


Commercial Retail Site Construction


Large Industrial Site Construction
Large Insdustrial Site Construction

Construction Heavy Machinery

Construction Night Images

Oil & Gas Site Images


Event Monitoring Images
Pro Bike Race & Art Festival

Fairgrounds & L Train

Traffic Monitoring

Home Construction

Prison & Wind Tower

Environmental Monitoring

Stream Restoration

Parking Lot

Municipal Water System & Truck Terminal

Agriculture & Marina Construction