How It Works

Cloud Connected Solar/Wireless Camera and WebApp Server

How It Works


  1. You order your camera directly from Sensera Systems or an authorized reseller. Your solar camera kit is delivered via UPS or FedEx. The box is easily carried by one person; the entire system weighs less than 20 lbs.!
  2. Create your account at Login and enter the camera ID provided into the "Register New Device" menu.
  3. Plug your camera into the solar panel or wall charger, and it will connect automatically via cellular to the WebApp server! You can now take a picture or configure the camera. Mount on a pole using the included mounting brackets. Only a screwdriver is needed.

You can create a separate "read-only" login for other users to view, but not change, the camera data.  You can create a "public URL" with your company name and logo to embed in a website showing the latest images.  Login to the same account from any web browser to control and view your camera from your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

MultiSense cameras combine an HD camera, battery backup, solar charger, cellular modem, WiFi modem, local storage and computing into one integrated compact device. The MultiSense camera communicates over cellular or WiFi connection to the MultiSense WebApp & Cloud Service. The MultiSense camera is powered from a small solar panel (included) and the built-in battery system provides continues operation for several days even if there is no solar input.

The MultiSense cameras automatically upload collected time-lapse images, or on-demand images and video streams to the WebApp for viewing.

Users login to the WebApp from any web connected PC or mobile device using any web browser to control the cameras or view images and videos.

The MultiSense Camera tm is the heart of the system. It is an intelligent, multi-function networked camera that communicates via WiFi or 3G/4G to the cloud based Web Application. The MultiSense Camera has local storage and processing and runs automomously from the Web Application.

User configured parameters such as timelapse frequency, data points to log, and events to monitor, are downloaded to the camera from the Web Application. The Camera then executes this “program”, and collects and stores data locally in the camera. Periodically, the data is uploaded to the Web Application for archival and viewing.

The MultiSense Camera tm is solar powered and requires no user intervention for continuous operation. Solar power is captured to the integrated battery system.” The MultiSense Camera tm is a highly integrated system that replaces several components. To duplicate a MultiSense Camera with typical equipment you would need:

  • IP Camera
  • WiFi Router (or 3G/4G router)
  • Battery bank
  • Solar/battery charger
  • Weatherized Enclosure with heating/cooling
  • Embedded computer to control camera, manage communications
  • Graphical interface application to access, configure cameras
  • Web hosting service for graphical interface application
  • Cabling
  • Bracketing
  • Custom programming to setup communications and timelapse or streaming functions.

MultiSense Cameras have local processing and storage. A powerful datalogging/event engine allows fully programmable data logging of attached I/O, as well as data-driven control (i.e., turn on output if temperature > 40 degrees”) and event monitoring.

The patents issued and pending MultiSense Platformtm for remote monitoring, imaging, and control includes the Web Application (WebApp), Cameras, and Cloud Service. The MultiSense Platform tm was designed with several specific design goals:

  • Scalable – to support tens of thousands of devices
  • Extreme low power operation – to run with compact solar panels and batteries
  • Simple installation and network architecture – no static IP address required. The MultiSense Platform uses a unique approach to managing communications between the cameras and the cloud that requires no firewall changes, allows for simple installation.
  • Secure – the unique communications architecture and encrypted data is inherently more secure than typical HTTP server approaches.
  • Cloud based - provides cloud based storage, network access, and application hosting


The Web Application provides a graphical, web-based user interface to configure your cameras, and view live and archived data. The MultiSense Web Application is designed as a 100% web application and provides access from any browser or phone or tablet.

To achieve Sensera’s goals of extreme ease-of-use, the MultiSense Cloud Service combines a hosted application (Web Application for access to cameras and data), with network access service (i.e., 3G/4G access fees). This provides you with one-stop shopping for device and service, and assures your system will install quickly and seamlessly. It also means you have one company to call with any questions.

The MultiSense Cloud Service is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading provider of cloud computing and highly scalable, highly reliable, world-wide hosting services. Sensera’s MultiSense is built on this rock solid foundation to provide secure, reliable storage of your data and access to your cameras.