Save on Insurance Premiums with Construction Site Cameras

Did you know that insurance companies offer discounts to contractors who meet certain requirements? By focusing on safety and security, contractors can save on insurance premiums, avoid OSHA penalties, and prevent losses and rework, which can all save your bottom line. [Article: Reduce Construction Insurance Costs by Prioritizing Jobsite Saftey]

One of the easiest ways to save on insurance premiums is to deploy construction site cameras on the jobsite.

Sensera’s SiteWatch PRO cameras include thermal, low-light, and color cameras with IR illumination, video analytics, and 4G LTE communications in one integrated system. This smart camera is perfect for 24/7 monitoring with real-time alert notifications. Professional security monitoring with visual verification is also available, making this camera a favorite for both insurance companies and project managers.

If high-detail site monitoring is important, Sensera’s PTZ model offers real-time pan, tilt, and zoom with up to 360° site coverage. Sensera’s line of fixed-position cameras can also save on insurance premiums while providing high-quality time-lapse imaging,  live streaming, and continuous video recording.

By deploying construction site cameras, Sensera customers are saving big on their insurance premiums simply by showing the construction insurance companies that they’re taking steps to mitigate risk.

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