Affordable, Easy-to-Install, Portable, Wireless, Solar site cameras


Reduce costs, improve quality

Hundreds of companies are using construction site cameras to provide a number of benefits, all aimed at improved project quality and improved project management. Benefits include:

  • Keep stakeholders informed
  • Reduce site travel costs
  • Project marketing
  • Visual audit trail - reduce liabilities
  • Reduce project disputes, manage subcontractors and milestones

A better solution

The general contractors we interviewed gave clear guidance on what they wanted to see in next-generation site camera system - simpler to deploy, and lower cost.

Sensera Systems' MultiSense Cameras provide a time-lapse and job site security cameras that deliver exactly that.  They are the lowest cost solutions on the market, while delivering quality, ruggedness, and extreme ease of use. The construction cameras can be installed and put online in minutes - not hours and days. No special tools or installation teams to coordinate with. The system is 100% solar, so can be installed even before you have power to the site. It is 100% wireless (cellular or WiFi) so no network is required at the site.  The MultiSense Cloud Service provides a 100% web-based user interface, which means you can access your cameras from any PC or mobile device via web browser - with no software to purchase or install.

Learn more about Sensera Systems products for work zone and job site security and time-lapse: