Agree Realty Corporation

Agree Realty Corporation

Multi-site Real-time Progress and Visual Documentation Made Easy

Jobsite Camera Customer


Agree Realty Corporation (NYSE: ADC) is a fully-integrated, self-administered, and self-managed REIT focused on the development and acquisition of net lease retail properties throughout the United States. Their growing portfolio of industry leading retailers consists of over 710 assets in 46 states. The Agree Team is relied upon by industry leading partners, including Walgreens, McDonalds, JP Morgan Chase, Burger King, Wawa, Camping World and Mister Car Wash.

Construction Camera Customer


With their disciplined focus on producing high-quality projects, Agree Realty wanted the ability to monitor the progress of their multiple simultaneous project’s remotely. Jeff Konkle, Vice President Construction made the decision to utilize jobsite camera technology for not only progress monitoring but also safety/risk management, security, and marketing.


When Konkle began to research systems he found some very sophisticated and expensive cameras. With their typically shorter duration projects in mind, Konkle ultimately chose Sensera Systems cameras based on their balance of quality, features and affordability.

Now using Sensera Systems cameras on six projects, Konkle remarked, “the cameras are extremely easy to set up, and managing the visual documentation in SiteCloud is intuitive and easy. Downloading/retrieving video and images is quick and easy. We like the time-lapse video feature a lot. Some of these projects are 3-6 months long so they can’t support a big documentation expense. It’s also an added bonus to have other camera models to choose from should we need them.”


Complete End-to-end Solution – Camera system, 4G LTE/WiFi connectivity, and Cloud-hosted servers and software all in one complete solution.

 Solar-powered, LiFePo4 Batteries & AC Power – No on-site power required; however, Sensera solar-powered cameras come standard with all three power options. XL models can run on battery power for up to 10 days.

Real-time, Remote Monitoring – Ensure productivity and communications even when you can’t be on-site.

“We chose Sensera’s cameras because of their features, simple user interface, and high-quality time-lapse creation all at an affordable price point.”
—Jeff Konkle, Vice President Construction, Agree Realty


Sensera MC26 time-lapse cameras. The MC26 solar-powered time-lapse camera is designed for short-cycle and smaller footprint projects that do not have power infrastructure available (or consistent).

The MC26 is perfect for monitoring progress, safety and security while producing professional grade time-lapse videos. Share real-time project images via live-stream video with stakeholders for improved communication and collaboration. Sensera’s SiteCloud software and service integrates with Autodesk® BIM 360™, Procore®, and Plangrid, simplifying and automating workflow across the enterprise.